6 Best Makeup Looks From London Fashion Week 2020

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London Fashion Week 2020 marked the first fashion show of the new decade and with that, new looks and styles. This year, it wasn’t only about the outfits, the makeup and beauty looks stole the show as well. Makeup artists delivered some bold and daring makeup looks, some of which are surely going to make it to the trending charts. From chunks of crystals around the eyes to two-toned eyeshadow to old Hollywood glam, here are some of the most daring beauty trends at London Fashion Week 2020 that left us stunned and awestruck. 

 London Fashion Week 2020 Makeup #1

Roland Mouret Autumn 2020

Seems like we've found the makeup trend that's going to rule 2020. While Roland Mouret’s collection had a sophisticated ‘70s vibe to it, we can’t get enough of the eyeshadow-highlighter combo. The makeup consisted of a shimmery antique gold eyeshadow that was brought down from the lids and onto the top of the cheekbones, adding a subtle luminous glow to the face. (Note: Here’s a makeup hack that’s great when you’re low on highlighter or getting late.) Coats of black mascara were the finishing touch to this makeup look.

PC: @roland_mouret

London Fashion Week 2020 Makeup #2

Matty Bovan Autumn 2020

The neon trend lives on. Models at Matty Bovan’s show walked the ramp with neon eyeshadow all around their eyes. The models sported two hues which added dimension and created an ombré effect on their eyes. 

PC: @babby

London Fashion Week 2020 Makeup #3

Temperley London Autumn 2020

Old Hollywood glam is officially making a comeback. Models at Temperley London Autumn 2020 walked the ramp with bold red lipstick, gold shadow, and a simple feline flick. While most of the makeup looks at the London Fashion Show 2020 aren't ideal for daily wear, this one however is! Here’s a look you can rock to your next dinner date or a Friday night out.

PC: @temperleylondon

London Fashion Week 2020 Makeup #4

16 Arlington Autumn 2020

If you’re into minimalistic makeup, then here's a look from London Fashion Week 2020 you'll be interested in. While most designers opted for bold, daring and some downright crazy makeup, the models at 16 Arlington who walked the ramp had no makeup on except for red cherry-stained lips and heavy metal accessories. This 'just-bitten' lip trend seems to have made its way into the new decade and is sure to be a hit during the summer.

PC: @emely_rahn

London Fashion Week 2020 Makeup #5

Simone Rocha Autumn 2020

This year, it is all about using unlikely materials as makeup. At the Simone Rocha Autumn 2020 show, models walked the ramp with scraps of black, crimson, and purple metallic foil over the top lids.

PC: @thomasdekluyver

London Fashion Week 2020 Makeup #6

Halpern Autumn 2020

The makeup looks at the Halpern Autumn 2020 show left us a bit bewildered and intrigued at the same time. Models walked the ramp with no makeup on except for real chunks of crystal around their eyes. And we’re talking about the type of crystals you keep on your nightstand and not the usual tiny ones you wear on your face.



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