How To Wash Your Hair The Right Way– #BeautyBasics101


1. Start With A Rinse

Thoroughly wet your hair before shampooing. Hot water works best for rinsing hair in the start as it will open the cuticle which in turn will remove dirt or product that is stuck or trapped in the hair. Also, warm water loosens oil through the scalp and opens the cuticle so it is able to absorb the oil present in your conditioner.


Start With A Rinse


2. Condition First, Shampoo Later

All those with really long mane, here’s the best advice for you. If the length of your hair goes beyond the shoulders, protect them from drying out and getting damaged by applying a small amount of conditioner and rinsing lightly before shampooing your hair. Practicing this healthy method of washing hair will not just keep the ends healthy, but it will also fill any holes in the cuticle with moisture, leaving you with smoother and shinier locks.


Condition First, Shampoo Later


3. Lather Up Only At The Scalp

Always remember to shampoo the hair only at the scalp. Start lathering from the roots to the ends. Hair that is closest to the scalp will tend to the oiliest while the ends of the hair is the oldest and usually very dry. Avoid over-use of shampoo, just a quarter-sized amount is more than enough. In case, you have thick and long mane, double that amount.


Lather Up Only At The Scalp


4. Be Gentle

Did you know? Friction can permanently damage your hair’s cuticle, leading to breakage and frizzy mane. Therefore, be very gentle and careful while washing your hair. Use vertical strokes with medium pressure as this will help increase blood flow to the scalp as well as stimulate hair growth. Avoid using circular motions to massage your scalp as this can lead to tangling of hair.


Be Gently While Washing Your Hair


5. Never Rinse And Repeat

There is no need to wash your hair twice. Avoid hair breakage by shampooing more than once. Unless your hair is very dirty and the first round of shampoo didn’t produce a lather, then go for another round.


Never Rinse & Repeat


6. Apply Conditioner From The Mid-Lengths To The Tips

After rinsing out shampoo from your hair, squeeze the water out of the hair before you start conditioning. Keep the conditioner on for a longer time because the longer it stays on, the better it absorbs. Avoid applying conditioner at the roots of your hair because the natural oil from your scalp is more concentrated there.


Apply Conditioner From The Mid-Lengths To The Tips


7. Finish With A Cold Water Rinse

Finish the last rinse with cold water. This will help shut the cuticle tight, thus, leaving your hair smooth and shiny.


Finish With A Cold Water Rinse