How to use concealer to contour, highlight and cover

MyGlamm’s Twin Faced Concealers are much more than mere concealers. Apart from covering up the marks and blemishes, this wonder wand can be used to contour and highlight your face. Don’t believe us? Just watch the beautiful Simmy Goraya talk you through the entire process in details, from beginning to end. All you need is all 3 shades of the Twin Faced Concealers. Let's get real, there may be a billion beauty tutorials out there, but learning how to contour and highlight can still be really tricky. So, if you're still struggling to achieve that perfect chiselled face, here’s your fix.

Watch and learn:

Step 1: Prepare the skin by cleansing, toning and moisturising the face. Start with the concealer matching your skin tone. Use the tip to cover spots and blemishes. Draw an inverted triangle under the eyes with the concealer to cover the shadows.  

Step 2: Use the darkest concealer to contour the face. Run it along the outer edge of the forehead, diagonally from the lower tip of the ear until the middle of the hollow of the cheek and along the jawline. You can also contour the nose by drawing two parallel line at the sides of the nose bride.

Step 3: Use the lightest concealer to brighten up those areas of the skin, which you want to highlight like the forehead, tops of cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, chin and bridge of the nose.

Step 4: Now blend everything gently into the skin. Blending is the key to a seamless finish so use a damp beauty blender to blur all the concealer lines.

Step 5: The pointed tip can be used for targeted application like to cover a pimple mark and the slanted side, ith more exposed product can be used for to cover a wider area like under the eyes.


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