Banish Bad Hair Days: We’re Spilling The Secrets On How To Maintain Healthy Hair


Nobody likes a bad hair day and when it continues to spill to a bad hair month or even worse, a bad hair year you know you need extra help. When your hair is in the right state of mind, it tends to impact your general state of mind. Haircare is a process that is continuous –– in order to achieve those luscious locks, you need to be consistent. Nothing will happen overnight, no matter how many hair care products you douse your hair in. The key is to strike a balance –– find what suits you best and stick to it! Here’s how to maintain healthy hair, without having to visit the salon every time you spot a split end.


Ways To Maintain Healthy Hair


Nothing comes easy, including those celebrity-esque locks. The thing is that your hair is super vulnerable to damage and therefore needs constant monitoring and care. With a little hard work and a whole lot of love, here is how to maintain healthy hair so that it looks and feels like a million bucks. 


Brush Before A Shower


Never, ever run a brush through wet hair. When your hair is wet, it is prone to breakage and broken hair means split ends and damaged locks. Make sure to remove any tangles prior to hitting the shower to prevent this issue from occurring.  


Cleanse Your Hair, But Also Listen To It


When it comes to washing your hair with shampoo, try and find the right balance depending on your hair type. If you’ve got a dry scalp stick to twice a week. If you’ve got an oily scalp, an alternate day wash will be fine. Make sure to listen to what your hair has to say though –– then go with the flow!


Opt For Chemical Free Products


Make sure you use shampoos that are formulated without sulphates or parabens. The fewer the chemicals, the healthier it is for your hair. These chemicals often tamper with your scalp and cause irritation and inflammation, resulting in weaker roots and hair fall.


Condition Properly


This step is absolutely crucial. Conditioner helps retain moisture in your hair and keeps it hydrated. Hydrated hair entails less breakage and reduced hair fall. Start with the mid-shaft and move towards the end of the tips of your hair. Any residual amount can gently be applied to the scalp, especially if you’ve got a dry one


Oil Away


Remember how your grandmother used to run after you with a bottle of oil for your hair! She had a good reason. A pre-shampoo routine including a hair oil massage helps improve the blood circulation in your scalp and nourishes the hair thoroughly. Certain oils also strengthen the root, prevent hair fall, and also help boost growth.


Do Not Use A Towel Or Heat To Dry Your Hair


Either go for a cotton t-shirt or a microfibre cloth to dry your hair. Do not blast dry it with a blow dryer or any kind of heat, as it can possibly damage your hair. Never ever sleep in wet hair, as you can break it while you get your beauty rest. It’s best to let your hair air dry itself.


Trim Your Hair


This is the best way to keep split ends and broken hairs at bay. A trim every now and then gets rid of the old and makes way for the new. This makes hair look healthier and more nourished constantly. 


Watch Your Diet


Doesn’t this go without saying? At the risk of sounding cliche, you are what you eat and so is your hair. Make sure you include protein-rich foods in your diet, including fish, meat, eggs, and beans. Even foods that help boost collagen production or those rich in vitamins C and E, help strengthen your hair from the root.


Best Products To Maintain Healthy Hair


You need to be mindful of what is slathered on your hair and scalp. Make sure to opt for natural ingredients that will help cleanse, condition, and nourish your hair, with minimal damage. Here’s what you need to use when you’re figuring out how to maintain healthy hair. 


MyGlamm Myglamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Shampoo


This shampoo is an effective hair growth elixir that has been formulated with a high concentration of cold-pressed onion seed oil, moringa oil, and shikakai. It gently cleanses your hair, while combating hair fall and promoting hair growth. It’s the ultimate go-to especially when you face haircare woes regularly. 


Rs 299


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MyGlamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Serum


This effective hair growth serum is formulated with all-natural, superfoods ingredients. It is rich in nutrients that help reduce hair fall, strengthen the hair, combats breakage, and condition them. It doubles up as a serum that fights frizz and dryness while protecting hair from UV damage and heat styling.


Rs 399


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MyGlamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Conditioner


Powered by cold-pressed onion seed oil, this anti-hair fall conditioner doesn’t just soften and nourish the hair, it also promotes healthy hair growth. Enriched with moringa and shea butter, the conditioner replenishes lost moisture, strengthens the hair, and prevents breakage. It has a non-greasy formula that adds shine without weighing your hair down.


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H3: MyGlamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Hair Oil


No haircare is complete without a good oil massage. This hair oil has the perfect blend of onion seed oil, moringa oil, bhringraj oil, sesame oil, castor, and almond oil. All of these ingredients come together to nourish and heal your scalp while treating dandruff and maintaining sebum balance. It also acts as a heat protector that shields the hair and scalp from any UV damage.


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Spending hours and hours caring for your hair is no good when you aren’t consistent with it. The only way to keep all the haircare woes from occurring is by being consistent. Follow this guide on how to maintain healthy hair –– this’ll keep all those broken hairs, split ends, and an unmanageable mane at bay.

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