Red Hair Highlights Are All The Rage RN, And We’ve Got Proof


Hot off the heels of the brown highlights trend came the red colour highlights. Tbh, the red hair colour has never been hotter. Call it the Queen’s Gambit effect or point to our fave girl crushes who recently took the plunge - the fact of the matter is that there are more gorgeous takes on the red shade than ever before. It has a slight Y2K vibe - another nostalgia-inducing trend - but thanks to the recent hike in red shades - it feels totally current.

So after combing through the iterations flooding our FYPs, we’re listing down the chicest ways to don this up-and-coming trend. If you wanna turn up the heat, scroll down for our curation - your hair will thank us later. We bet you’d catch yourself ooh-ing at these hair colours, screenshotting them to DM to your colourist. 

These Highlights For Red Hair Are Worth Bookmarking Now

Red hair highlights are a guaranteed way to stand out from the crowd. From subdued tint to full-blown saturation, or somewhere in between like a cool underlayer- there are whole lotta ways to rock the trend. Feeling inspired? Keep scrolling to see every shade ( and celebrity) we want to copy, from Emily Ratajkowski to Gigi Hadid and beyond. 

Red Highlights On Black Hair

All the IT-girls are taking the red route! If you wanna join the bandwagon, keep swiping to know how to nail the look if you have black hair.

Issa Vibe

Red Highlights On Black Hair - Issa Vibe

Bella Hadid took a different red route from Gigi. Instead of dyeing her whole head red, Hadid chose face-framing auburn tendrils for that cool-girl flair.

Gloss On, Worries Gone

Red Highlights On Black Hair for hint of red

For just a hint of red, ask your hair stylist to apply a ginger-hued gloss over your usual colour and your hair colour is sure to make heads turn.

If It’s Good Enough For Zendaya….

Red Highlights On Black Hair

We are calling it- Zendaya’s toned-down red is gonna dominate this Autumn. The key to getting it right is giving your hair the lived-in feel. It’s darker at the root so it doesn’t come across as a bold colour, meaning it’s wearable every day. 

Gloss It Up!

Red Highlights On Black Hair - Glossy highlights

Warm tones thrive in colder season. If you are looking to hop on the trend, you can either go for an all-over hair colour or add in lowlights for extra depth and dimension, just make sure the end result has a reflective finish. 

To Boost Your IG Feed

Red Highlights On Black Hair to boost ig feed

If you need a little help to upgrade your hair game, look no further than this gorgeous hair colour. It’s subtle yet edgy enough to help you make a statement.

Copper-y Hue

Red Highlights On Black Hair copper family

This is one of the hues of the copper family and has a soft, feminine undertone. It's a great way to ease into red, and a fun way to fade out the deeper red. 

For Trendsetters

Red Highlights On Black Hair stylish

Not for the faint-hearted, this take on red hair colour highlights is gonna ensure you steal the spotlight wherever you go.

For Minimalists

Beautiful Red Highlights On Black Hair

For folks who are minimalists at heart, this is one of the chicest ways to give this trend a go. Opt for thin streaks of highlights and take your look from zero to hero. 

For Our Curly-Haired Crew

Red Highlights On Black Hair for curly hair

Curly hair? We do care! Try these subdued red highlights on curly hair and it’ll surely make your selfie go viral.

Too Glamm To Give A Damn

red highlights on black hair to glamm look

Ladies with dark locks tend to have difficulty switching up their look - but this glossy red is a great way to level up your black hair without straying too from your natural hair colour.

We’re Obsessed

deep red highlights on black hair

We love shades of red that are deep and dark, yet still vibrant and reflective in the light. It makes us think of embers that glow after a fire burns out. 

How Cute Is This?

iconic red highlights on black hair

Julia Roberts’ hair colour in Pretty Woman remains one of the most iconic shades of red ever, although the rich chestnut colour with subtle red undertones also suits her. 

Underlayer Hair Colour

trending Red Highlights On Black Hair

We urge you to consider the colour-blocking trend that’s making waves in the beauty world. Yes, we are talking about the under-layer hair colour trend. Try this dual-tone hair trend which features contrasting hues of red and black against each other, for an edgy yet sleek look.

Red Hot!

Hot Red Highlights On Black Hair

Not ready to commit to an all-over red hair colour? Take a cue from this two-toned shade. Dark, contrasting hair with vibrant, red highlights will make for a super-cool look.

Oh-So Gorgeous

Touch of Red Highlights on black hair

For just a touch of red, have your colourist melt the shade on just your ends, as shown in the image here. We’re obsessed with this hair colour!

Red Highlights On Brown Hair

Red hair highlights look bomb. If you’re ready to commit, here are some of the hottest ways to try the celeb-approved hair colour trend.

Too Pretty For Words

copper Red Highlights On Brown Hair

This copper colour is just too pretty for words. If you are the trendsetter of your social circle, this might be your fave way to hop on the trendwagon. 

Malaika-Approved Red Highlights

red highlights on brown hair by malaika arora

If you’ve brown hair, this colour donned by Malaika Arora might be just the thing for you. It's the perf hair switch-up for folks who love to usher in a new beauty trend without going OTT.  

Let The Compliments Roll In!

shimmery red highlights on brown hair

We are in love with the shimmery gold undertones of this soft red hair colour. 

Scroll-Stopping Hair Colour

red highlights on brown hair - copper look

Calling out all our blonde-haired queens, you can spice up your hair game further by opting to add some red tints to your highlights.

An All-Time Fave Shade

red highlights on brown hair

Here’s an all-time fave shade of red hair. We think it's absolutely stunning. Not only does it perfectly complement her skin tone, but it also does her curls justice. 

Elegant And Eye-Catching

red highlights on brown hair

Sophie Turner’s flowing red hair is equal parts elegant and eye-catching. It has a slight brown tint which makes it perf for Indian skin tone.

For The Bold Type

red highlights on brown hair for bold type

We’ve admired Priyanka Chopra’s hair ever since we first watched her being crowned Miss World in 2000. Ever since then, she has been alternating between dark brown and the same auburn shade.

Skunk Hair Highlights

skunk red highlights on brown hair

Here’s the red hair inspiration made for Instagram. Just dip two face-framing tendrils into the red highlight and you’re good to go!

Pinterest Hair Goals

red highlights on brown hair for pinterest goals

We’re obsessed with these beautiful dark red locks. We’re calling it Pinterest hair goals! Save this red-haired look to show to your hairstylist.

Burnt Spice

This season is all about brandished red tones. Think deep earth reds with natural finishes. This works well for anyone with a warm, peachy skin tone and looks so damn gorgeous.

We Roll Like Cinnamon

It’s more of brown red for those who don’t want to commit to a bright vibrant red but want to try a warmer colour. We’re totes in love with this hue.

Deep Wine Hues

Deeper wine shades look stunning against deep skin. And with ombre hair colour? Even cooler! Think more berry than copper.


These red-brown accents reflect light beautifully on rich brunette hair. The tones are especially stunning if you have textured hair with a dark natural base colour. 

Smoking’ Hot!

A warm brown-red like this one will never go out of style. Bonus: It looks great with classic red lipstick. Seriously, what’s not to love?

For Major Cool-Girl Vibes

The fun shade manages to look both deep and vibrant. The highlights add just a pop of colour to dark hair and looks so damn cool.

Tips to take care of red highlights

The punchier the hue, the more upkeep it’ll be at home so a colour-protecting haul will be necessary. Red colour can lose up to 20% of the vibrancy in the first wash, so choose your products wisely. The first thing you need to do is switch your hair shampoo and hair mask for a duo that’s completely colour-safe. We suggest using the haircare products that are created by colour brands as tone maintenance is usually at the top of the list of properties. 

To maintain red tones, it is important to use mild shampoos, preferably sulfate-free. Along with this, keep a UV heat protectant handy and indulge in a weekly hair mask too. The heat protectant will ensure your colour doesn’t become dull due to sun exposure and excess heat styling, while the hair mask will stop dryness from creeping in - which is especially important if you had to pre-lighten your hair to achieve your look.  

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Can red highlights cover grey hair?

Yes, red highlights are a great way to cover up grey hair. Just ensure you pick an undertone that blends well with silver hair to create a seamless finish. Highlighting grey hair with a red hue specifically can make your mane look more voluminous as it adds an illusion of thickness.

How often do I need to touch up red hair highlights?

When it comes to hair colour touch-ups, the general rule of thumb for global colour is 3 to 4 weeks and for highlights, it's 6 to 8 weeks. With red highlights specifically, you must take into account the developed contrast between the highlights and your natural colour.

How long do highlights last on red hair?

Red hair colour can be maintained by regular toning. Toners are ammonia-free and can be used once in 6-8 weeks to refresh the colour and bring back the radiance. One must avoid using a lot of heat styling tools on a regular basis since heat disturbs the colour molecules and causes it to fade faster than usual.  

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Ready to commit to red hair highlights? 

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