Holi Nail Art Designs That Will Perfectly Compliment Your White Kurta!

Holi Nail Art Design

Holi Hai!! When you think of Holi, you’re probably instantly served with imagery of all things bright and colourful. The festival of colours and all things fun, Holi is right around the corner. While enjoying the day is a primary requirement, a little attention needs to be drawn to your #ootd. As white is, unofficially, the dress code of the day. What better way to up your style game than pairing your white kurta with fun festive Holi nail art?

To help you get as hyped up as we are for Holi, we rounded up the most vibrant-hued Holi special nail art designs of 2024. From minimalist designs to over-the-top artistry, there’s Holi nail art to help you celebrate the most colourful day of the year in style. Scroll on to be inspired!

Different Types of Nail Arts for Holi

One of the many great things about Holi is the opportunity to be as creative and experimental with your nail art as you’d like. From plenty of twists on the French manicure to DIY-able rainbow nails, we’ve got a list of Holi nail art that you’d want to try immediately.

1. American Holi Nail Art Design

Image Credits: Instagram

The best way to upgrade your go-to minimalist french mani? Trade in the regular white nail tips with a red one and be prepared to make a polished, fashion-forward statement. It makes for a perfect manicure for the colour-inclined. With a pink base and a hint of red, this Holi special nail art proves that minimal can be festive and fun too.

2. The Mismatched Nail Art For Holi

The Mismatched nail art for holi

Image Credits: Instagram

If you want a subtle design, opt for a different pastel hue for each of your digits. It’s holi-appropriate and it’ll perfectly match with the white kurtas you’re planning to wear to the Holi Party!

3. The Cutesy Holi Special Nail Art

Image Credits: Instagram

If you want a subtle Holi nail art design, opt for a different pastel hue for each of your digits. It’s holi-appropriate and it’ll perfectly match with the white kurtas you’re planning to wear to the Holi Party!

4. The One Holi Nail Art That Screams Holi!

Image Credits: Instagram

For a peek Holi look, call on this season’s hottest trends aka the mismatched mani. There are no rules when it comes to this Holi nail art design- choose a pattern and colour that works for you and get painting! Stick with colours that you can vibe with so that you have fun with your Holi nail art and it stays true to your style.

5. Smiley Holi Nail Art

Image Credits: Instagram

Say cheese! Yeah, smile emojis are having a moment. This emoji-inspired nail trend involves a classic smiley face being hand-painted onto your nails for a new take on talking with your hands. We must say, out of all these Holi nail art, this is the Holi special nail art we’re most excited to try

6. Rainbow Holi Nail Art Design

Image Credits: Instagram

What says Holi better than rainbow nails?  Whether you’re fond of going minimal and simple or you’re the one screaming extra, whether you love boasting colours or are a true rooter of subdued, this Holi nail art design can be the one to call on.

7. Negative Space Holi Nail Art

Image Credits: Instagram

The biggest nail trend of 2024 is remarkably similar to those that took over 2002. The resurgence of vintage-inspired trends brought lots of red lipstick and nails. This holi nail art in particular will never go out of style. Thanks to the versatility of red nails, it looks equally good with both Indian and western wear. P.S.: Look for a creamier, deeper shade rather than cherry red if you’re exacting, just like us.

8. Dotting Holi Nail Art Design

Dotting Holi Nail Art



There’s no better design than this Holi nail art where you get to play with different colours on each nail! Dotting patterns in different colours on a white base are the perfect way to show off your manicured nails on Holi.

9. Floral Minimal Holi Nail Art

Floral holi nail art



This pretty and adorable Holi nail art design is picture-perfect in its way! So if you’re also a minimalist and like a floral touch on your nails, get your manicurist to paint those dainty flowers in bright hues on your nails.

10. Melting Holi Nail Art

Melting Holi Nail Art



If you want to experiment with a unique take on your nails, you should give this colour-dripping Holi nail art design a try! The melting colour is a beautiful twist to your classic French tips that’s sure to take your manicured nails to the next level.

MyGlamm Recommends Best Nail Products To Create Holi Nail Art With

Pick your favourite holi nail art, take a screenshot of it, and then practice your DIY skills. Scroll on for the best nail paint formulas to ape the above-mentioned nail arts.

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POPxo Makeup Vibin’ Mini Nail Kit

No Instagram shelfie is complete without this nail paint kit. It’s perfect for glitter-obsessed folks and is a legit festive must-have. The clean formulas, chic colours, fun packaging all make it a must-buy. 


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Other than the fact that these nail paints are ridiculously cute, their formulas are also as clean as they come. You won’t find a single trace of harsh ingredients. Plus, they’ll keep your nails soft, strong, and trendy-AF.

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These Holi nail art designs are guaranteed to score you a never-ending stream of compliments! 


Featured Image: Instagram


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