12 Stylish Haldi Hairstyles For Every Bride-To-Be And Her Entourage

Haldi Hairstyles for wedding

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Haldi ceremonies are probably the most underrated. Just because it can get a little bit messy, doesn’t mean you cannot go all out stylish. Whether it’s wearing your hair up or down, long or short, there’s always a simple hairstyle for haldi function for you. When you have the right haircare products by your side, any hairstyle is easy to achieve! So sit back, relax and scroll through these haldi hairstyles. They are surely going to set the vibe for you and your ensemble on the day. 


Simple Hairstyles For Haldi Function


Sometimes the most simple hairstyles for haldi function look the classiest! These haldi hairstyles are perfect for the girl who doesn’t like to go all OTT, but still wants her hair to look different for the ceremony.


Pins And Clips


pin clip haldi hairstyle

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This sleek bun haldi hairstyle will keep your hair in place all throughout the haldi ceremony. Throw in a cute clip and this simple hairstyle goes from sleek to chic in an instance. Use a bit of hair oil to smoothen out any flyaways.


Half & Half


 Half & Half Haldi hairstyle

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If you’ve got wavy or curly hair, feel free to wear it half up half down in a low half pony. Wear it with a colourful scrunchie that matches your haldi ensemble instead of a plain ol’ black hair tie. 


All Up!


All Up hairstyle for haldi

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A simple high pony is the best hairdo to go with if you want a fuss-free, functional haldi hairstyle. Tie your hair up and tong the ends to give your hair a little texture. Scrunch it in with a hair serum to add that extra shine. Conceal your hair tie with a few strands of your hair, so that the hairstyle looks seamless.


Stylish Hairstyle For Haldi Function


Looking for something that’s got a whole lot of oomph? These stylish haldi hairstyles will set the mood for your ensemble.


Braid Me In


braid me in haldi hairstyle

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Give your usual braids a break. Try his braided haldi hairstyle that converts in a low bun. Throw in a satin scrunchie and your haldi hairstyle is ready to go.


Weaved Up


weaved up haldi hairstyle

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This heavy yet stylish braided haldi hairstyle is apt for anyone –– long or medium length hair. Weave a ribbon, scarf, or fabric (that matches your outfit) in your hair and create a thick braid. This holds better on second day hair –– so you might want to lay off the heavy shampoo.



Pearl Power

Pearl Power haldi hairstyle

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How pretty does this haldi hairstyle look? It’s just a simple and sleek ponytail that uses pearly accessories to add dimension and style to the hairdo. Feel free to switch the pearls out with studs, sparkles, or anything floral. Make sure your hair is well conditioned with a hair conditioner before styling it, as you wouldn’t want any split ends or dry hair ruining the entire feel of this hairstyle.


Haldi Hairstyles For Short Hair


Whether you’re looking for a simple and functional hairstyle or something uber and ultra glam, we’ve got a hairstyle for your short hair. These haldi hairstyles will suit your hair length and look absolutely gorgeous with any desi ensemble.


Pinned Up

 Pinned Up Haldi Hairstyle

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Create some light, beachy waves with your hair and spritz some texturising spray to give it a little texture. Pin one side of your hair with some elegant hair pins. Make sure the side the pins are on is sleek and neat.


Simple Braid

Simple braid haldi hairstyle

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This look works on both wavy and straight hair.  A half crown braid is one of the best haldi hairstyles that break the monotony of your hairstyle, without being too in your face.


Natural Curls


Natural Curls Haldi hairstyle

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Curly short hair can be styled to perfection too! Wear your hair natural by tying it into a small, low bun. Let the front two to three strands of hair out and apply some gel or mousse to define the curls.



Haldi Hairstyles For Long Hair 


Have fun with your long hair cause the possibilities are endless. Feel free to play around with these haldi hairstyles for long hair.


Bridal Bun


Bridal Bun Hairstyle for Haldi

Image courtesy - Instagram


This classic haldi hairstyle twists and loops strands of your hair into a bun. The barette floral clip gives the updo a bit of a glam touch.  


Floral Fun


Floral Fun Haldi Hairstyle

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Long hair don’t care! Go for messy waves and instead of doing a half crown braid, clip in some flowers.


Pony Power

 Pony Power Haldi Hairstyle

Image courtesy - Instagram


It’s all about the volume for this look! The messy beachy waves, the elegant pouffe, and the double strap headband really adds a lot to this haldi hairstyle.



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Yes, haldi ceremonies require you to get your hands dirty –– whether you are the bride or part of her important entourage. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t style it up! Fret not. These easy to do, haldi hairstyles have a mix of stylish, classic, pretty, and drop dead gorgeous hairdos that are sure to inspire you for any haldi ceremony.


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