10 Long Hairstyles That Go Well With Lehengas


Lehengas come in all shapes and sizes, so why should you limit the hairstyles that go along with them? When you’ve got long hair, the world is your oyster and there are no limits. From braids to ponytails, hair bands to hair clips, there’s so much to choose from. With wedding season and the festive season around the corner, the more options you have the better –– just so there’s a look complementing your every lehenga. Whether you are going down a more traditional path or are looking for something that’s super contemporary and modern, these 10 hairstyles on lehengas for long hair will make you rethink just wearing your hair down!

Hairstyle On Lehenga For Long Hair


Ready, set, style! A good hairstyle needs great haircare products that’ll make sure your mane not only looks great, but also feels great as the days progress. Scroll down to see the different hairstyles on lehengas for long hair. 


Braid Parade


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A half-and-half crown braid that looks extremely elegant on hair that’s wavy or tonged. You can add a few flowers or some blingy hair pins to jazz up the braid a little. Make sure the front is smooth and sleek, without any flyaways or baby hairs.


Pony High 


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Make an edgy statement with this fun and quirky hairdo. The braids plus high ponytail definitely makes this one a great go-to for someone with long and thick hair. Make sure to use a conditioner during your wash, to prevent any flyaways and split ends from making an appearance.

Pin The Bun 


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Want to wear your hair up? This hairdo merges the traditional with the contemporary, so that you can get the best of both worlds. The perfectly placed pins really add a cool and pretty element to the entire hairstyle. You can use a bit of hair serum to keep your baby hairs in place.


Up, Up, And Away

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Keep things sleek and simple with a wavy high ponytail. Wrap sections of your hair around the pony for an added dramatic effect. Condition the ends with a drop or two of hair oil just to add that extra shine. 


Side By Side


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Wear your hair on one side –– make sure to tease the crown area to give your hair a bit of volume. Add some light waves to the ends to add more volume and definition too! Feel free to add a studded hair accessory to hold the hairstyle together.


Sleek & Straight


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This look works best on hair that has been cleansed well with a shampoo. Post the wash, blowdry and straighten your hair. If you’ve got naturally straight hair then make sure to keep the front free of any frizz. Go with a middle-parting and tie in the full look with a colourful headband that matches your lehenga.


Tied Up


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This regal hairstyle will make you feel like you’re ready to be a part of the royal family. Wear your hair in a low braided bun with a gorgeous crown braid. Leave a few strands to frame your face and soften the look.


A Hair Affair


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Another traditional hairstyle meets modern technique, this hairdo is for the girl who wants a fuss-free hairstyle. All you need is a tong and an XL clip to hold your hair together and you’ll be all set!


Loose French


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Start by creating a fish braid, all the way from the top of your head. Once you reach midway, switch to a ponytail instead. Make sure you secure the braid before tying the ponytail. Tease the loose ends of your hair to add more volume and make sure to follow up with some hairspray.


Elegant Bun

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A sleek bun that’s literally perfect for anyone who just wants a hairstyle that’s functional, yet stylish! You can even add a maang tikka to take that style quotient up a bit.

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In the realm of Indian wear, lehengas are the probably the most versatile ensembles one can go with. The best part? You can definitely play around with your hair and makeup. These hairstyles are perfect for lehengas of any colour and style, especially if you’ve got long hair. Let your hair down, wear it up in a braid, pin it up in a bun, throw in some accessories, no matter what you choose, these hairstyles on lehengas for long hair will most definitely bring your ensemble to life!


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