Funny Coronavirus Memes To Lift Your Spirits


The coronavirus outbreak has created fear and panic all over the world and is showing no signs of stopping, forcing many countries to go into lockdown. With everyone quarantined at home for months now with no night outs, no meet-up with friends, no parties, etc. this self-isolation phase is taking a toll on everyone's mental health.

But since we are blessed with the internet, even in the most difficult situations we can relate to each other through the power of memes. (Millennials will know this all too well). To help others cope with this pandemic and make quarantine more bearable, the internet is flooded with memes on the situation proving that no matter what, we will always maintain our sense of humour. So, if you’re struggling with home quarantine life here are a few coronavirus memes that will surely make you LOL.

Note: Laughing at our current situation doesn’t mean we are making light of it but instead, we’re just using humour as a coping mechanism to lift our spirits. 

1. This Is Us Going Into Week 5 Of Quarantine

Instagram PC: @coronavirus_memes

2. Boomers, Millennials, Gen Z's & Quaranteens—Sounds About Right!

PC: boredpanda.com

3. Dammit, Karen! Not Again!

4. Have You Made Any New Friends Yet?

PC: @girliyapa

5. Doggo Doesn't Know If He's Still Dreaming Or Awake. 

PC: @dog_loveeerrrr

6. YOU Know Joe Was Actually Preparing For The Pandemic

PC: @goodgirlswithbadthoughts

7. Fingers Crossed, Ladies! 

PC: @goodgirlswithbadthoughts

8. We're All Coming Out Of This Thicc & Chubby

PC: @weezyfweeze

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