5 Diwali Makeup Looks You Need To Try This Year!


Diwali is just around the corner and that means a whole lot of pujas, family gatherings and parties. While you may have already picked your outfits for all 5 days, we’re pretty sure you haven’t given much thought to your face makeup for Diwali. With so many festivities lined back to back, why not change your Diwali makeup with looks that will leave you looking gorgeous and feeling glamorous. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro at makeup or even if you’re a newbie, we’ve got five makeup for Diwali looks that will highlight your personality and let your true self shine. Makeup brings out the best in you and changes the way you feel, so you can even mix and match each makeup for Diwali look and steal the show. Whether you feel like a badass rebel or a sweet girl next door, we all have these qualities in us so why not bring it out with the right makeup for Diwali look.  

Diwali Makeup Tip for The Boujee Girl a.k.a The Diva

The boujee girl is someone who’s high-class or loves expensive things. For this Diwali makeup look, you can bring out your boujee side by adding some gold to your makeup. A swipe of gold foil over your eyelids paired with a highlighted face and red lipstick will make everyone believe that you were born with that elite swag.


Diwali Makeup Tip for The Girl Next Door

At first glance, everyone can be the girl next door with the right makeup. For your Diwali pujas, tone down the heavy makeup for diwali and opt for a minimal makeup look that is not only subtle but also enhances your features. Be admired by everyone in the room with this minimalistic Diwali makeup look. A primer and foundation to even out your skin tone, a fine kohl liner on your lower waterline to brighten up your eyes, a hint of blush to add a bit of colour to your cheeks, a little of highlighter, and nude coloured lipstick to complete this oh-so-natural look.



Diwali Makeup Tip for The Rebel

Society’s views and opinions are the least of your concern and you love doing what makes you happy. Since norms don’t appeal to you, but breaking them does, for your Diwali makeup look why not show everyone what a badass you are by opting for a look that’s bold, dramatic and also brings the shock factor. A dramatic smoky cat eye along with bright red lips will definitely awake the rebel in you. Embrace your rebel side with this Diwali makeup look while looking glamorous AF.




Diwali Makeup Tip for The Stylista

You’re someone who always knows the latest trends and you’re not afraid to even create your own. You dress to impress and we’ve got the best makeup for Diwali tip for you. This Diwali, make a statement and enchant everyone with a Deepavali makeup look that will have everyone copying you. Go for the ombre eye look. For your Diwali party, apply a blend of several tints and line your upper lids with black eyeliner. Since this look is already bold opt for a subtle lipstick shade. 




Diwali Makeup Tip for The Semi-Traditional Girl

You love following traditions when you have to but you also love adding a little modern twist to them. For your Diwali makeup look, opt for holographic eyelids. Matte foundation, maroon lips, blushed cheeks, neatly lined eyes and brown matte eyeshadow is the traditional makeup look with any saree. Add your own personal touch to this Diwali look by applying a pearlescent highlighter over your eyeshadow and get an out of this world look. 

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So, now that you have got a sense of the best Diwali makeup looks to try this year, why wait then? Choose the best one, prepare yourself up, gather all the essentials, and make your Diwali all glammed up with our looks!