Pout Alert: Bag These Best Dark Lipstick Shades To Try Out For That Gothic Makeup Look

dark lipstick shades

Ooh la la! Spunk up your makeup look by wearing a dark, rich lip shade to take over your next party by a storm. A swipe of an incredibly dark lipstick shades keeps you appearing hot even when the temperature drops, and that's not for the faint of heart. Admittedly, it can be quite intimidatingly vampy at first but when you finally wear it, you realise you’ve been doing everything right to brighten up a dreary day. From dark red lipstick to dark purple lipstick, these lipstick shades will bring on the darker games of makeup mania. Get ready to cast your own magic spell!


8 Best Dark Lipstick Shades That Will Help You Make A Statement


Now is the time to adorn your pretty pot with a dark colour lipstick. As per colour psychology, lipsticks in dark shade is known to make a woman feel confident in every walk of her life. Hence we’ve narrowed down a handful of the best dark lip colours to get you started. Find your own pick.


Red Alert


Slay the world with a red that is both gorgeous and bold! This gorgeous colour will plump up your pout as Moringa oil and Vitamin-E locks in the moisture, lending a demi-matte finish.

Purple Haze


#KissProof #TransferProof #SmudgeProof. Yes, you got that right. You won't have to worry about touch-ups after lunch with bae because this one is kiss-proof. The tube is the perfect combination of long-lasting power and the most matte finish you've ever seen.


If you've already dipped your toes in the dark shade trend and want to amp up the drama, go for amazon shade. This liquid lipstick is highly pigmented and mattifies into a weightless velour on the lips.

Rustic Brown


The dark brown lipstick is appropriate for all the girls who explore the globe leaving a trail of intrigue behind them. With each stroke of this classic lip colour, you may build up richness. With a medium to full buildable coverage, it offers an absolutely luxurious matte finish with a delightfully creamy texture.

You Do Blue

If you've gotten your share of pinks and plums, try a bold blue instead. Because it's such an unusual colour, we know that no matter what the occasion, all eyes will be on you. It’s matte, kissproof, smudge proof and transfer proof, what else do you want?

How To Choose Dark Lipstick As Per Your Skin Tone?


Need a little help finding the perfect lip shade for your skin tone? Fret not! We’ve got you covered.


Dark Lipstick for Fair Skin Tone

Even though a milky complexion is usually easier to deal with, do your skin tone justice and try something different. This season, wine lips are really cool. You can also opt for edgier shades like spicy reds and wicked purples!

Dark Lipstick for Medium Skin Tone

I know pink is popular right now, but most Indian girls believe they won't look well in brighter colours. 'Try brown, really berry, maroon, and purple lipsticks,' We advise.

Dark Lipstick for Dusky Skin Tone

Shades that are lighter than your skin tone should be avoided. This can make you appear tired. So, instead of boring browns and nudes, go for something more vibrant!

Tips To Apply Dark Lipstick Shades

  • Dark lipstick shades are renowned for revealing dry lips. Prepping your lips with a hydrating balm is the first step to nailing a dark shade.

  • Opt for a lip liner with a shade similar to the lipstick.

  • Choose dark lipsticks with blue undertones if you don't want your teeth to seem yellow. The blue undertones bring out the brilliance of your dazzling whites.

  • Exfoliating your lips with a moderate lip scrub on a regular basis will also help you achieve a neater and smoother finish.

  • Before applying the lip shade, neutralise your natural lip colour with a dab of concealer or foundation for the best colour payout.

  • Blot your freshly coloured lips with a tissue if you don't want the hue to appear too dark. This will assist in reducing saturation.

  • You can always rely on lip glosses if you have thinner lips and don't want the dark colour to make them appear smaller. Applying lip gloss to the centre of your pout gives it a natural fuller appearance.

  • The incorrect dark lip shade might make you look fatigued. Hence,  before committing to any dark lipstick in your makeup arsenal, you should evaluate whether the colour makes your skin appear brighter or duller.


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Remember! To let your dark lips shine when going for a big pout, ignore your cheeks and eyes.


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