Ace Hot Girl Winter With The Prettiest Coral Lipsticks Ever


There’s a reason why corals have been able to retain it-girl status for years. PSA: It’s because of how flattering they are on all skin-tones. While some iterations are light, others are dark. While some are tinged with a whisper of orange, others embody a pink or red. But because there are so many options out there — each attesting to the vast potential of the colour — we’ve scoured the internet for the finest renditions only. Ahead — 10 of the best coral lipsticks to add to your cart. Here’s to nailing your lip makeup.


The Best Coral Lipsticks In The Game RN


Ahead — the finest line-up of coral lipstick shades you’re going to want to add to your wishlist. 


  1. MyGlamm Ultimatte Long Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick — Coral Slayer

This highly-pigmented coral is enriched with the lip-loving benefits of Vitamin E — while it’s endowed with the title of the ‘mattest matte formula’, it doesn’t feel like it all. It’s not sticky or dry, and it pigments the lips in one single swipe. If you’re looking for a coral tinged with an undertone of pink, this one’s it.


  1. Manish Malhotra Liquid Matte Lipstick — Sugar Coral

PSA: This matte-textured lippie doesn’t put the ‘ick’ in lipstick. Sugar Coral is a warm-toned nude that boasts a pillowy-soft, water-light texture that feels oh-so-comfortable on the lips. It is poppy and playful and instantly adds a lot of personality to your look. 


  1. MyGlamm LIT Moist Matte Lipstick — Coral Darling

This bullet bathes your lips in a luxe-looking decadence that looks and feels all sorts of glamorous. If you don’t like the feel of liquid-based lipsticks, this coral-drenched cartridge is it for you. It’s infused with Vitamin E and Moringa Oil — both coveted for their ultra-nourishing properties that hug your pout gloriously. No feathering. No bleeding.  


  1. Manish Malhotra Powder Matte Lipstick — Promiscuous Pink

Behold —the brightest pink you’ve ever, ever seen. This velvety-soft bullet is tipped with absolute vibrance. If you want a ‘day-out’ shade, don’t look any further because it doesn’t get better than this. on the pout. While it glides onto the lips buttery-smooth, much of it is courtesy of Maracuja Oil. This ingredient moisturises the lips while preventing sun-induced damage as well as the degradation of collagen. It's also infused with the anti-inflammatory Physalis Pubescens Fruit Juice to soothe and calm the lips during the cold-weather season. 


  1. MyGlamm POSE HD Lipstick — Rose Pink

Have you been looking for a coral with purple-ish undertones? Rose Pink endows your pout with a riot of purple-pink decadence. It aims for a demi-matte finish and feels light-as-air on the lips. Don’t worry about it drying out the lips because it’s formulated with Vitamin E and Moringa Oil. If you’re on the lookout for a dark statement lipstick for winter, you might want to pick this one. 


  1. MyGlamm POSE HD Lipstick — Peach Pink

This matte-textured lip colour boasts a peachy-pink pay-off, and enhances the puckered-ness of your pout courtesy of its composition of moisture-laden ingredients. It’s light, long-lasting, prevents flaking, and hydrates your lips like no other. Such a pretty coral peach lipstick. 


  1. MyGlamm POSE HD Lipstick — Muted Coral

This shade feels subtle and minimal on the lips. While it plays into your soft-glamm aesthetic, it doesn’t overpower the rest of the elements at all. It lends a soft-focus effect to the lips for your #nofilter selfies. 


  1. Manish Malhotra Hi Shine Lipstick — Desert Suede

You can count on this coral-pink lipstick to stay intact throughout the day. This oneis for the dewy-dumpling loyalists. The anti-matte squad. You’re never too low on the glow, and this lipstick is going to glamourise your aesthetic in all of its hi-shine glory. Another reason why we’re obsessed? It offers UVB protection to your lips — because, yes, your lips are susceptible to sun-induced damage as well. One of the best coral lipsticks so far.


  1. MyGlamm Perfect Curves Matte Lip Crayon — Debutante

On the hunt for coral lipstick for Indian skin? This double-duty brick-pink crayon does the job of a lipstick as well as a liner, and moisturises and conditions the lips thoroughly. It’s specially crafted to flatter Indian skin tones and contains oils that soothe and hydrate too. 


  1. MyGlamm LIT Liquid Matte Lipstick — Curve

This punchy coral-red lipstick is what your collection is missing. While it's endowed with smudge-proof and transfer-proof abilities, it boasts a buttery-soft texture thanks to the ultra-moisturising ambitions of Moringa Oil. This ingredient ensures that your lips are always hydrated, supple, and healthy.


Which one of these are you adding to your cart? Spill!


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