Daniel Bauer Breaks Down Bhumi Pednekar’s Vogue Cover Makeup Look


If you’ve seen the latest Digital Vogue cover and were mesmerized by how gorgeous Bhumi Pednekar looked, then you can thank International makeup artist Daniel Bauer for it. No doubt Bhumi looks naturally flawless, but Daniel managed to effortlessly elevate her beauty by highlighting her features, leaving her looking absolutely spectacular. Born in Australia and raised in Germany, Daniel Bauer is currently based in Mumbai and is a famous name in the fashion and film Industry. He’s worked with many leading actresses and international super-models including; Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Coco Rocha, Alec Wek and he’s also worked on more than 300 leading fashion magazine covers and received numerous accolades.

If you want to recreate Bhumi’s makeup look, well you’re in luck. We got in touch with Daniel Bauer and he revealed his tips and tricks that will help you recreate this flawless makeup look.

1) What was the inspiration behind Bhumi Pednekar's Vogue cover makeup?

Working on a magazine cover is high pressure, you are working with the biggest names in the industry, both in India and Internationally. The key to creating something truly great on the day is collaborating and listening.  With this being one of Vogue’s first beauty covers, we all felt taking that classic muted vibe would work well, there is nothing more classic than a spectacularly well done red lip. This cover is subtle, but shouts subtly in a very loud way.

2) What was the makeup application process? 

I used a thin layer of foundation to give the skin a sheen yet natural look. Next, I used a nude tone around her eyes while adding single lashes to make them pop a little. With that signature Red Lip being such a talking point, I deliberately didn’t add too much drama to her eyes - attention was all on that glossy red lip. When it comes to your makeup, you don’t always need to go for a dramatic look everywhere, you can focus on just one feature that you want people to talk positively about. For her lips, which was obviously the highlight of this look, I first outlined the lips to get the shape perfectly accurate. I then filled in the lips with that vibrant red lipstick and added extra gloss to make them really stand out.

3) Did you use any special techniques to help sculpt her face or highlight her features?

I wanted to keep this makeup look clean and use fewer products in order to perfect that natural look. So, to achieve that subtle look, I added a bit of liquid highlighter in the foundation.

4) Was there a prep process before applying her lipstick?

In getting that perfect lip, I usually prep the lips by exfoliating before using lipsticks. This will help get rid of dry skin and smoothen your lips. I also used a lip plumper which helps reduce fine lines and soften any lip wrinkles. I love the simplicity and sophistication of this makeup look as it’s perfect for any occasion.

5) If someone with dusky skin wanted to achieve this look, what advice would you give them? 

No matter your skin tone, you need to prep your skin first. That will require you to moisturize your face well! Depending on your complexion, use a foundation that has a little sheen in it and then blend everything into the foundation that includes your highlighter, contouring, and blush if you want it to look natural.

6) What advice would you want to give anyone who uses makeup?

Always prep your skin with a moisturizer before applying makeup. A little prop top, I tend to use a setting spray before applying the base foundation. This helps hydrate your face and removes any excess oils. To keep the skin dewy for longer do not overly use a setting powder, as this can have a mattifying effect on your skin. If you are outdoors and need a little powder, I always recommend using a translucent setting powder. It’s much finer and doesn’t cake-up after use.

There you go! Now that Daniel Bauer revealed his tricks to getting that gorgeous dewy natural look, you can give it a shot and feel like a Vogue model yourself.


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