Brows Brows Brows: The Wackiest Eyebrow Trends On Instagram


Eyebrows have evolved from decade to decade. From pencil-thin to bushy boy brows, over plucked and drawn on, brows have been worn in every possible way. Brows frame the face and play an integral role in determining how your face appears. A small change in the brows can make the biggest difference to your face, both good and bad.

If you have sparse brows, the Stay Defined HD Brow Powder will make them look thicker naturally. The eyebrow powder comes in two variants, natural brown and deep taupe, colours best suited for Indian brows so that they don’t look made up.

Brow styling has become more of a fad in recent years. As people are paying more attention to their brows, beauty gurus and makeup enthusiasts keep coming up with never-seen-before trends for the Insta-savvy crowd. Quirky eyebrow trends are big on Instagram right now and we aren’t complaining. We have rounded up some brows styles below. Weird or wonderful, you decide?

Halo brows

Why should girls have all the fun?

Bow brows

Garden brows

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