Uses Of Compact Powder: 6 Amazing Ways To Use Your Powder Compact You Probably Didn’t Know Of!


‘Compact powder’ –– this makeup product instils a kind of nostalgia in your mind, doesn’t it? It was grandma’s favourite and till today it continues to serve a special place in our hearts and of course, our handbags. Compact powders are one of the most popular makeup products out there! They double up as a setting powder, as well as a light foundation that gives your skin a natural and even look. While a lot of people are under the impression that compact powders are only meant to benefit oily skin, this isn’t quite the case. Compact powder uses go beyond just blotting down your oily skin –– the benefits are far more. So do you know the use of compact powder? Or do you have any idea on it’s benefits? Scroll down to know what is compact power, understand different uses of compact powder and how you should be including this beloved makeup product in your routine. 


What Is Compact Powder!

Ready to know what is compact powder? Compact powder is one of the most important makeup products to add that perfect touch up on the go. It helps you to get rid of excess oil and sweat on your face while evening out your complexion. It’s the most common product that helps you add buildable coverage to your skin and sets your makeup for long hours. Not only this, but compact powder also helps in blurring imperfections and amplifying your skin’s natural radiance.

Different Uses Of Compact Powder


So now that you know what is compact powder, it’s time for you to learn the uses of compact powder. The compact powder makes a huge difference to your skin when used correctly. Its uses aren’t just limited to the usual. Check out the different uses of compact powder. 

To Even Out Your Skin Tone 


One of the best use of compact powder is that it evens out your skin tone. It actd as a light coverage foundation that makes your skin look smooth and clear. Paired with the right concealer (if you want a heavier coverage), a compact powder can make a whirlwind of a difference to the way your skin glows.





To Matte Your Lips

If matte is what you love, then matte is exactly what you will get. Another use of compact powder is that it helps tone down any glossy or creamy lip and make them matte. Just apply a creamy lipstick on your pout and dab a little compact powder on it –– voila! matte lips in just a few seconds.

 As An Eyeshadow Base

Love yourself a heavy eyeshadow? Then make sure you set your base with a compact powder. Oily lids often wreak havoc for the perfect eyeshadow, however by applying some compact powder to your lids, you’ll be able to create a nice matte base for your eyeshadow to go on. This is another use of compact powder that it keeps your eye makeup in place all throughout the day.


To Fake Those Falsies 

Do you know how mascara sometimes comes with fibres that make your lashes look a lot fuller and long? Well, who needs those fibres when you’ve got a compact powder. Just dip a dry mascara wand in the powder and coat your eyelashes. Follow it up with a generous amount of mascara and your lashes will be flying sky high!


To Correct Your Makeup


Not all of us have a steady hand when it comes to makeup. But that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with your looks. You can use a compact powder to always correct your mistakes. Another use of compact powder is that it corrects your foundation if it doesn’t match your skin tone properly.


Use Of Compact Powder Perfectly: Steps!


It’s all in the technique. The compact powder can serve so many different purposes if you know how to use it properly. Scroll down to see how to use compact powder perfectly. 


Step 1 - Cleanse your skin


Every makeup routine requires you to start with a clean base. This helps keep your makeup on for longer and also makes it look super smooth. So make sure to cleanse and moisturise your skin thoroughly before going on to the next step.


Step 2 - Base It Up


Prime your skin with a hydrating primer and then apply some liquid foundation to even out your skin tone. If you still feel the blemishes and dark spots are peeping through the foundation then go in with a concealer. Hide your blemishes and any under-eye circles and dab, dab, dab with a sponge or a blender.


Step 3 - Compact Time


Using a makeup sponge, apply the compact powder. You might want to dab it into your skin, instead of rubbing it in. This will also ensure that you’re blending the product in properly –– it makes your face appear even-toned.


The best results only come when you make a good use of compact powder. You can even apply the compact with a fluffy powder brush. Tap the brush into the compact and then flick away any excess. Apply it on your t-zone and then move towards your cheeks, forehead and jawline. Do not forget your neck! Make sure your neck and your face match.


MyGlamm Recommends - Compact Powder


In order to achieve that perfect glow, you need the best products to help you out. Scroll down to see what you can apply to put these compact powder uses to practice.

This lightweight satin matte finish compact powder gives you the glowing skin of your dreams. The formula has buildable coverage that gives your skin a natural #nofilter radiance that blurs out imperfections and gives you an even finish. It comes with a soft puff applicator, making application of this compact powder easy to use, anywhere and everywhere for every skin type. This product will let you make the perfect use of compact powder!

A silky texture compact powder that leaves a radiant finish, this product does everything a compact does and so much more. While evening out skin tone, it conceals fine lines and reduces the appearance of pores. The formula blends beautifully and is full of antioxidants thanks to the vanilla flavour in it. It is designed to amplify your natural radiance while absorbing excess oil.

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So now that you know some amazing uses of compact powder, these surprising hacks of compact powder really come in handy –– especially when you can achieve so much with just one product. See, grandma really does know best!



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