5 Of The Best Face Powders That Are A Blessing For People With Oily Skin

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Oily skin is probably the most tricky skin type to have, especially when you live in a climate that leaves you sweaty and sticky most of the time. If you often find yourself looking like an oil mine no matter how many oil controlling products you use, then you need makeup powders in your life. Great for blotting down the grease when you most need it, face powders are perfect when it comes to reducing excess shine and making your skin appear fresher than it would with all that oil around. Fret not! We’ve got you covered with the best powders for oily skin that you can give a shot today. They don’t just soak away the oiliness –– face powders also set your makeup, so that no amount of rain, shine, or sweat storms can wilt your beautiful skin away!    .


Best Face Powders For Oily Skin


So how do these powders work? Face powders come in different forms. You will often find them as loose powders or packed in a compact powder form. And each and every kind has its own purpose to fulfil. If you’ve got oily skin it’s better to opt for powders as this keeps the oil at bay. Face powders blot and dry down any excess sebum that your skin produces.You’ll usually find your skin getting oilier through the day, and that’s when daily use of mattifying products like these step in to save you. However, they also seem to do a lot more than that too. The best face powders for oily skin are found in the form of fixing powders and setting powders, these are alternatives to sprays that keep your makeup in place everyday. Basically, powders seal in your face makeup’s goodness into your skin. 

This natural shine-free powder has a pearlescent finish and looks colourless on your skin. It has a soft-focus effect that blurs the appearance of fine lines and imperfections. And the best part is that it doesn’t settle into fine lines or pores. Enriched with vitamin E antioxidant properties, you can use this loose powder to set your makeup and make it last longer!

Ever wonder how Kim K manages to look like she’s airbrushed in all her selfies? Baking is the answer! This translucent soft-matte finish powder cuts off the shine and provides a sheer coverage. It moisturises the skin while controlling the oil and leaves your skin with a soft-focus effect. Plus it’s super lightweight and long-lasting!

This compact powder has a lightweight formula and leaves you with a satin matte finish. It has a buildable coverage and is enhanced with a New Generation Sericite for a smooth and soft texture. It’s long-lasting which means it can tackle those work hours beyond the usual. Formulated to moisturise and prevent dryness, this powder is a great way to keep the oil at bay.

Looking for a party perfect compact? This one will be your go-to. It’s silky texture gives you a radiant finish that evens out your skin tone, blurs imperfections, and controls shine. It also conceals fine lines and reduces the appearance of pores. The formula contains vanilla, an antioxidant that helps protect your skin from pollution and it blends into the skin effortlessly.

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Face powders are essential makeup products to have around, especially if you’ve got oily skin. While one type of powder sets your face makeup products on your skin and ensures they don’t melt away, the other type of powder prevents your skin from looking greasy. The whole purpose of either a compact powder or a setting powder or even the use of banana powder is to make you and your makeup look good. These daily face powders for oily skin are perfect to combat both aspects of the spectrum –– cause nobody likes looking rundown at the end (or even beginning) of the day.