Beauty Basics: It's High Time That These Makeup Myths Get Busted


As long as makeup has been around, so have been makeup related myths. The beauty world is full of conflicting advice about makeup and skincare and it's difficult to understand which ones to believe and which ones not to. These include how to wear makeup, when to apply what, in what order to use products, where to use what, what to buy and the list goes on. With so much information available, there are many myths that crop up too so today, we are busting all those makeup myths that you may be having.

Matching foundation on your hand or wrist

It’s been a practise for us to try the foundation and concealer on our wrists. About time we get rid of this habit, unless you want to regret later. To get the best match, always test the foundation on your face and jawline. Blend it into the skin using fingers and then wait for a few minutes to see how it sets in. The foundation needs to blend into your skin perfectly and seamlessly. There may be times when you cannot get a perfect match to your skin, in that case you can blend two shades to create your own matching shade. Again, try the colour on your face and not on your wrist.

Cover spots with concealer only before applying foundation

Concealer is used to cover spots and blemishes on the skin. There are no set rules for applying concealer but in some cases, applying concealer before foundation can wipe the concealer away. If your concealer is a perfect match to your skin tone, then its better to apply it over the foundation. That way you will require lesser concealer and it will give your base a more natural look.

Lighter foundation will make one look fairer

There is a reason we insist on picking foundation shade closest to your true skin tone. It’s best if the foundation matches your skin colour perfectly. Foundation makes your skin look, smoother and hides any imperfections that you may be conscious about, and gives you an even tone. Using foundation shade lighter than your skin tone will make you look seemingly fair, but, in reality you’ll end up looking like a ghost. Foundation lighter than your skin tone will give an ashy look to the face making it look unnatural.

Using brow pencil is the best way to groom your brows

Brow pencils have been around for quite some time, but they are not the most convenient way of grooming the brows. Brow powders are easy to way and give a more natural look to the brows. Pointy brow pencil tips, when used on brows need an expert hand and take time for precision.  Brow powder on the other hand, is easy to use, just glide it on and takes minimum time. MyGlamm’s Stay Defined HD Brow Powder is super long wear and can be used to fill in sparse brows for a fuller look. It’s buildable, so use it for natural to dramatic look, whatever you want. The brow powder sticks to the brows without any fallouts and is easy to remove.

Waterproof mascara is good for everyday use

Waterproof mascaras are made to last longer and hence these are difficult to remove. Keep those reserved for special occasions like parties, traveling etc. or for rainy season. Using waterproof formula on daily basis can make your eyelashes dry. And removing them is another struggle altogether, unless there is a special formula that doesn’t take toll on your lashes. Attempting to remove the waterproof mascara by rubbing the eyes can damage the lashes causing breakage and even sore skin.

If you are not sharing, you don’t need to clean your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes easily pick and accumulate dead skin cells, dust and grime from your skin. These unwashed brushes become a hot bed for germs to thrive. Even if you are the sole user of makeup brushes, its best to keep them clean always to avoid breakouts. The longer you leave the brushes unclean, more germs and bacteria accumulate. Keeping them clean will also ensure the brushes last longer.

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Article by: Richa Ranjan


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