Makeup Or Breakup? 9 Common Mistakes That You Are Probably Making While Doing Makeup


Makeup not only makes a person look beautiful but it is also a medium of expression and a confidence-booster. Makeup products and techniques work in tandem to highlight and enhance your best features. Right from your glowing skin to pouty lips, chiselled face, awaken eyes, and more, makeup does it all! Makeup can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on the way you use it. When done right, it can make you look like a million bucks. It can also make you look, well, not very appealing or even older than you are when not done correctly. This can be attributed to the use of wrong colours, wrong tools and techniques or unsuitable products and practices.

A lot of people have a love-hate relationship with makeup. While it usually makes them look (and feel) amazing, there may be days when that shade of lipstick doesn't go with the skin tone or the eye makeup emphasises the under-eye bags. It all boils down to how efficiently you use makeup to your advantage.

There is a whole list of makeup mistakes people make that can break the look. Read on to find out if you are making any of these!

Wearing waterproof mascara every day

Waterproof mascara is amazing and all, but not always. The water-resistant formula can dry out your lashes causing them to break easily. Also, removing waterproof mascara takes a whole lot of effort which can again damage your lashes. Keep it reserved for special occasions and events. As for daily use, it’s best to use regular mascara that comes off easily at the end of the day, without causing distress to your lashes.

Using expired makeup
It’s time to check your makeup stash and bid adieu to all the products that have crossed the expiry date. Old and expired products are not safe to use and can lead to rashes, allergies, and irritation. Also, they do not give the best results. Always check the makeup products' expiry date and use them accordingly.

Not cleaning the makeup brushes
Makeup brushes
are important tools that give you the right application and finish. Keeping them clean not only prolongs their life but also saves you the trouble of breakouts and infection. Old, dirty brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Wash them regularly with warm water and detergent and then soak them in some antiseptic liquid before drying out completely. Never leave your brushes in damp areas like the bathroom or store them without drying out completely as that can damage them and cause germs to grow.

Applying too much bronzer
Bronzers have become the next big thing in the makeup world, thanks to celebrities followed by beauty bloggers and Instagrammers. While everybody loves to use a bronzer for that sun-kissed look, wearing too much of it can backfire. If you use bronzer in more quantity than prescribed, your face may end up looking like a suntan gone wrong. Use the smallest quantity of bronzer--on your jawline, edges of the forehead, and temples and sides of the nose bridge--for a warm glow that looks natural. You can use more later if required but avoid taking a lot of product at one go.

Ignoring your brows
You will be surprised to see what a well-groomed brow can do to your face. Eyebrows frame the face and eyes and if they are defined, they can enhance your appearance by making you look sharp without much effort. Unkempt, thin and unruly brows can make you look shoddy and even older. Pay attention to your brows, get them trimmed to keep them in shape. If you have thin, sparse brows, use brow powder or eyebrow pencil to fill them in. This will make them look fuller and darker, giving a youthful appearance to your face.

Too dark brows
Now that we know the importance of eyebrow grooming, overdoing it can also pose a problem. Use a product, whether it's brow powder, pencil or gel, that's close to your natural hair colour. Using dark colours can make them look fake. While filling the brows, use short feather-like strokes following the natural direction of the hair growth. Avoid a product that looks too heavy or intense.

Wearing the wrong foundation shade
cover blemishes on the skin while making it look naturally flawless. Always strive to pick a foundation shade that's closest to your skin tone. Foundation lighter than your skin tone can make you look ashy, while darker shades can make you look like a mismatched shade card. When picking a foundation, always try it on your face and not just on your hand or fingers. Also, find out if the foundation oxidises as that can make your skin look unnaturally dark.

Using wrong lipstick shade
are the easiest way to perk up the pout.  A general thumb rule to follow is that dark colours are likely to make your lips look thinner while lighter ones, fuller. Gloss, on the other hand, makes the lips plump and moist.

Picking the wrong blush colour
Bright, flushed cheeks are a sign of good health, and good makeup is all about mimicking that natural blush. Blushes have been a part of every makeup lover’s vanity kit but as we are inundated with a huge choice of colours, it has become confusing. Not all blushes are universal. Go for a blush that is closest to your skin tone. Fair and medium skinned people can try rosy pinks and peaches. Nude, red and brown coloured blushes look best on those with dusky and deeper skin tones.

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