20 Bright & Shiny Coffin Nail Designs To Set The #ManiMood For The Year

Coffin Nail Design

Remember a time when square and rounded nails were actually the hottest manicure trend out there? Well, this time around we’ve got a mix of the both  –– meet coffin nails, the trendiest nail shape that’s available for everyone to try. Coffin nails are a cross between rounded and square. They have a tapered shape with a flat top towards the end of the nail. Whether you like to wear them short, medium or long, a lot of designs actually pop out better on this nail shape. Scroll down to see the different coffin nail designs you can try out this year! 

What Are Coffin Nails?

What Are Coffin Nails

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Inspired by Kylie Jenner, coffin-shaped nails or ballerina's nails are a cross between pointy and square. They are called this because they often either resemble a coffin or the pointed end of a ballerina shoe. The best part about coffin nail designs is that you can wear them either medium or super-duper long. Check out these designs that’ll inspire your next manicure.

Different Coffin Nails Designs

From short coffin nails to long ones, these nail design ideas cover it all. Check out how you can make most of your nail shape by opting for a design that’s not boring.

1.Solid Red

Solid Red Coffin Nail Design

Image courtesy - Instagram

Play around with two textures –– glitter and glossy nail enamels. Go for a bright hue for the glossy nail. You can either do a red or pink, to make the coffin nail design stand out even more!


2.Starry Night

Starry Night Coffin Nail Design

Image courtesy - Instagram

This coffin nail design is apt for medium-sized nails. Apply a clear glitter nail enamel and top it off with some bright and pastel hues in starry shapes. Layer with a glossy topcoat and you’re ready to go!


3.Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy Coffin Nail Designs

Image courtesy - Instagram

Make it nude, but make it super-duper pretty. This coffin nail design uses a combination of a pastel nude hue as well as a few jewels to brighten it up. Feel free to create 3-D shapes like flowers on one nail.

4.Updated French

Updated French Coffin Nail designs

Image courtesy - Instagram

A geometric French manicure that uses the coffin nail design to create a gorgeous print. Go with hues of shell pink and white for the tips! 


Colour blocked Coffin Nail design

Image courtesy - Instagram

Nothing can go wrong with a combination of two pretty elegant hues. Take a pastel shade and pair it with a solid white. You can even top off one nail with matte nail enamel. This nail art is perfect for a coffin nail design. 

6.White Out

White out coffin nail designs

Image courtesy - Instagram

When in doubt, white it out! The pairing of white and silver makes for a great coffin nail design go-to. Either wear the silver glitter on one nail and go for two, to break the monotony of the white.


7.Heart It Out

Heart shape coffin nail design

Image courtesy - Instagram

Valentine’s Day or not, this date-ready mani is great if you’re looking for medium coffin nail designs. The neutral glossy base, paired with a red heart design on each nail makes for a minimalistic yet eye-catching manicure.


8.Glitz & Glamour

Glitz and glamour coffin nail design

Image courtesy - Instagram

Shimmer and shine, no matter what the time! Take advantage of the coffin nail shape and opt for a design that’s a little angular. Go for nail paints that hold a little chunky glitter versus fine and milled glitter.


9.Marble Marvel

Marble marvel coffin nail design

Image courtesy - Instagram

This coffin nail design uses a baby pink glossy nail and pairs it with a pretty marble effect. This one works really well for those super long manis.

10.Mermaid Mani

Marble mani coffin nail design

For this coffin nail design, you need to go with a very pretty ombre to bring out the shape of your nails. Go for holographic colours like blue or pink, that’ll catch all eyes whenever you flash those digits.

11.Dark Fantasy

Dark fantasy coffin nail design

Image courtesy - Instagram

If black is your thing, then you’re going to love this coffin nail design. The use of jet black nail polish, black glitter nail lacquer and jewels looks absolutely stunning. Create a marble effect with white and black for one finger and you’re good to go!


12.Clear Out

Clear out coffin nail design

Image courtesy - Instagram

Clear nails are always in! This coffin nail design uses tiny gold flakes and floral nail decals, set against a clear nail bed. Add a top coat and your clear coffin nail mani is ready to dazzle.

13. Neon Matte Magic

Neon Matte Magic coffin nail design

Image Courtesy: Instagram.com


You just cannot underestimate the magic of neon mattes on the nails. This optical illusion art on these coffin shape nail looks beautifully subtle & eye-catching at the same time. To re-create this, all you need to do is to use tape to section off the tips and don’t remove it until the nail paint fully dries up.

14. Pretty Pink Drama

Pretty Pink Drama coffin nail design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest.com


Oh my god! 5 shades in each coffin nail shape is such a pretty sight to watch. And trust us, we’re here for this gradient manicure. So all you gotta do is paint each nail in different pink shades and you’re done!

15. Graffiti Coffin Nails

Graffiti Coffin Nails

Image Courtesy: Instagram.com


Creativity has no boundaries. And these graffiti nails are proof! This coffin nail design adds a statement to your nails and makes them look bold.

16. Dots All The Way

coffin Dots All The Way

Image Courtesy: Instagram.com


Instead of painting each nail in rainbow colours, try something unique. You can add a cohesive element for all rainbow nails by adding dots to each nail. So go for these coffin nails without a doubt!


17. Coffee Coffin Nails On the Way

Coffee Coffin Nails On the Way

Image Courtesy: Pinterest.com


Coffee lover? Go for this coffee coffin nail design! This neutral nail idea makes our mouth water and wants us to try more and more coffee design on the nails.

18. Power Of Abstract Coffin Nails 

Power Of Abstract Coffin Nails

Image Courtesy: Instagram.com


Do you know what’s the real power of abstract coffin nails!? If not, you’ve got to try this design. Make sure to opt for a soft blend of colours for a smooth abstract finish.

19. A Little Bit Of Geometric Pattern On Coffin Nails

A Little Bit Of Geometric Pattern On Coffin Nails



Want to take colour blocking to the next level? Try this coffin nail design and draw different coloured shapes and patterns on your nails.

20. Chrome, Chrome Here We Come!

Chrome coffin nail design



If you want to give your coffin nails a different look with an edgy feel to it, try a chrome coffin nails design for a mirrored effect.

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The coffin nail shape can make a huge difference to your nail art choices. Get inspired by these coffin nail designs for your next trip to the mani-salon.

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