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The Christmas season is upon us and that means putting up the Xmas tree, attending Christmas parties and indulging in Christmas sweets. There’s also the dreaded Secret Santa game. Whether you’re playing it with friends or in the office, or just need to get  Christmas gifts for the special people in your life, the stress of finding the perfect gift can get to anyone, especially for guys. But don’t worry boys, 'tis the season of giving and we’re here to give you some shopping advice that will help spruce up your gifting skills. This Christmas, we’re helping you find the best red lipstick that will match her personality.


Red lipsticks are a cult favourite and every woman should own at least one red lipstick shade in her makeup bag. Red lipstick is a classic as it goes with just about anything. Whether it’s office formals, casuals, cocktail dresses, or even ethnic wear, red lipsticks will effortlessly complement the outfit. But wait...there's myrrh!
Red lipsticks don’t just come in that one bright shade. There are different hues of red and we're here to help you pick the right shade of red that will effortlessly match her personality. With these gifts, yule have every girl wishing you were their Secret Santa. 

The Social Butterfly

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The social butterfly is someone who knows just about everyone. She’s social, loves meeting new people and is always ready to party. Your red lipstick Xmas gift should be a burgundy lipstick shade. Go for a matte lipstick as it will stay on longer and help her sleigh all night long.

The Shy Girl

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If she is the shy type, chances are she doesn’t want all eyes on her. Contrary to popular belief, red lipsticks needn’t be bright and bold. With so many choices out there, it’s easy to find a red lipstick shade that’s not daring but still statement-making. A red lipstick with pink undertones will be the perfect Christmas gift for her. This pinkish-red lipstick shade will definitely make her believe in herself.

The Ultra Feminine

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The ultra-feminine type isn’t afraid to embrace her femininity and always cares about the way she looks, her behavior, style, and appearance. Your Christmas gift for the ultra-feminine girl should be a deep red lipstick shade with berry undertones. Unlike the cliché red lipstick, this shade will match her personality perfectly. After all, it is the most wine-derful time of the year! 

Miss Motherly

She might have a kid of her own or she treats everyone like kids, the motherly type has that acquired sense of maturity which most peers her age don’t possess yet. So this Christmas, gift this type of personality a coral red lipstick shade. It will surely put her in a jolly good mood. 


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The free-spirited girl is care-free, loves nature and is liberated from the confines of family and society. She’s not a fan of wearing heavy makeup but that doesn’t mean she's completely eradicated them from her life. If you’re trying to find an ideal Christmas gift for the free-spirited girl in your life, we suggest going for a brick red lipstick. This red-lipstick shade will match her carefree personality effortlessly. She'll love it so much, she'll be taking elfies all day. 

Boss Babe

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If she is a boss babe, then she’s someone who goes after what she wants and doesn’t take no for an answer. This Christmas, gift her a bright red lipstick shade. Whether she's naughty or nice, this bright bold red lipstick will be the perfect match for her unapologetic personality. All it takes is one swipe of the bold red lipstick for everyone to know that she’s in charge.

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