7 Black & White Nail Art Designs That Give Your Talons A Monochromatic Touch

black & white nail art

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Monochromatic manicures are super fun to work with. Although there may be very few bright colours involved, they are super alluring and can be amped to suit your mood. Whether it’s a minimalistic approach or something more bedazzling, black and white nail art designs will always have your back. While it may sound rather boring and blah to begin with, these manicures are anything but those things. Scroll down to see 7 black and white nail art designs that are easy and simple to recreate and will give your talons a whole new look.


Black And White Nail Art Designs


If you’re looking to upgrade your manicure these black and white nail art designs are sure to tickle your fancy. Check out how you can recreate these simple manicures that are sure to give your digits an instant makeover. 


Heart To Heart

heart shape black & white nail art

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This subtle black and white nail art uses a clear polish paired with two monochromatic fine lined hearts. It’s the perfect go-to for something subtle and minimalistic, yet creative.


How To Create It


Step 1 - Apply The Black & White Hearts

Gently trace two fine hearts on your nails –– one needs to be black and the other needs to be white. Use a fine brush when doing so, so that the lines appear super fine.

A combination of two striking nail polish shades, the duo gives you the benefit of two hues in one product. It has a gel effect and gives you a long-lasting formula just like a salon! It is highly pigmented and gives your nails great coverage in one go!

Make sure to seal the deal and add a glossy top coat to your nails. This’ll add a little shine and give your nails a natural glossy finish.

This glossy LIT nail enamel is a transparent top coat that adds a glossy finish to your nails, and keeps your polish long lasting. The collection has a super solid colour payoff that imparts instant gloss. 

Moo Manicure

 moo manicure black & white nail art

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Get funky with this quirky black and white nail art design. Mix it up with cow prints of both hues –– this nail art is perfect for people with long nails.


How To Create It


Step 1 - Apply A Clear Base Coat


Make sure to apply a clear base coat on top of your clean and buffed nails.

Groundwork is a transparent base coat that gives your talons a natural shine before you apply any hue on top of it. It has a flawless texture and an ultra long-lasting formula with a super solid colour payoff.

Step 2 - Apply The Cow Prints


Start by applying the cow prints on your nails. We recommend applying a solid white hue on one or two of your nails, so that it breaks the monotony.

French Tip

french tip black & white nail art

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If minimalism is more your style, then this black and white nail art has got your back. Go for an upgraded French with this simple nail art with black and white designs.


How To Create This


Step 1 - Apply A Neutral Base

Start by applying a neutral base on your nails. You can either opt for a shell pink or a nude beige –– anything that looks very nude and basic. But glossy nail polish is key!

This pastel baby pink shade has a hi-shine gel finish that applies in a single stroke. It has a non-toxic formula that dries within 70 seconds of application!

Step 2 - Go With The Black And White


Create angular designs with the black and white nail lacquer. You can either pair both hues on one nail or apply them alternately.

Yin Yang

Yin Yang black & white nail art

Image courtesy - Instagram


Another contemporary update to the French tip, this black and white nail art design is perfect for medium to long rounded nails. Go for the yin yang design on three of your nails, paired with a normal French tip.


How To Create It


Step 1 - Apply The Base Coat


You can either apply a base coat of a neutral color or go for a plain transparent one. Either way, make sure it adds a glossy finish to your nails.


Step 2 - Go For The Black & White


Start by applying a white French tip to your thumb and pinky nails. Play around with black and white tips for the other three fingers.

World Of Illusions

World Of Illusions

Image courtesy - Instagram


This solid glossy black manicure uses elements of white to add a spunky spin to your nails. Taking your basic black and white nail art and giving it a fun twist, this design is great for those who like to go for dark hues.


How To Create It


Step 1 - Apply The Black & White


Apply a solid black on your middle finger nail and your pinky nail. Now create an angular French tip with a black. Using a toothpick, add white dots to the tips once the solid hue is dry. You can add white dots to one side, and black dots to the other.

Step 2 - Finish Off With A Glossy Top Coat


Make sure to tie in the nail art with a glossy top coat that’ll add a high shine finish to your manicure.

Leafy Love

Leafy Love black & white nail art

Image courtesy - Instagram


Take advantage of the matte nail trend and go for a black and white nail paint design. This manicure involves a glossy white nail paired with some leafy prints.


How To Create It


Step 1 - Add The Black


Apply a matte black hue on three of your fingers.


Step 2 - Apply The White

Make sure to apply a white hue on the other two fingers. Using a glossy black, finely draw some leaves on the white background once dry.

Tied In

Tied In black white nail art

Looking for a simple black and white nail art design? Make way for this manicure. It’s pretty, elegant, and oh-so subtle!


How To Create This


Step 1 - Apply A Pink Base

Apply a coconut white hue to your nails. This’ll serve as a neutral base to the rest of your design.

Get that summer ready manicure with this milky white hue. It has a hi-shine gel finish that applies in one single go. The formula is quickie drying and literally dries up in just 70 seconds.

tep 2 - Add The Black


Using a fine brush add a fine line going across your nails both vertically and horizontally. Add a little heart in between the lines to give your black and white nail art design a quirky touch. 


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Give your talons a gorgeous touch with these black and white nail art designs. They are simple to recreate and also add a minimalistic effect to your manicured nails, without looking boring or blasse!


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