Beauty Basics: 6 Benefits Of Applying A Moisturiser


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The cardinal rule of skincare is to cleanse and moisturise –– even if you want to skip your toner once in a while, the other two need to be followed religiously. Moisturising is important, there’s no two ways about it. And there’s plenty of fish in the sea to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something light for oily skin, or something heavy-duty for dry, you’re always spoilt for choice when it comes to moisturisers. The repercussions of not moisturising are really high –– and we wouldn’t want to wish that on our worst enemy. Scroll down to read more about the benefits of moisturiser and why you need to be slathering this skincare product on your skin every single day.

How to Moisturize?

Moisturisers ought to be applied to clean skin after you clean your face, as they keep skin from drying out post-wash. They're likewise best when applied to marginally soggy skin, as they seal in dampness.

Then, apply a pea-sized measure of cream to your face utilizing your fingertips, and softly focus on it utilizing roundabout movements until it's completely consumed. Applying moisturizer for face benefits gives you soft and supple skin.


Here are the quick steps to moisturise:

  1. Clean your face with a cleanser.

  2. Pat your skin dry with a soft towel

  3. Apply coin-sized moisturizer using fingertips in a circular motion.

How to Moisturize Without Product?

Life hacks help you to keep your skin moisturised without including direct water use whereas stress takes away the moisture from your skin leaving it cracked the phenomenon is called as transepidermal water loss. If you want to moisturise your skin without product then follow these guidelines.

  1. Regular exercise

  2. Limited alcohol consumption

  3. Less salt intake

  4. Consuming foods high in water content, like lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes

  5. Keeping chilled habits that help reduce stress

Benefits Of Moisturiser

Do you moisturise your face every single day? If the answer is yes, then you get a whole lot of bonus points. If the answer is no, then we’re going to convince you to do so. Moisturising your skin is a boon and if you keep at it, you will most definitely reap the benefits. Here are the benefits of moisturizer –– and what skipping it entails.

Keeps Skin Hydrated And Moisturised

Skin feels dehydrated? Slather on some moisturiser. Skin looking dull and lifeless? Make sure you apply moisturiser. Moisturising is literally the key to healthy, glowing skin and is able to tackle so many skincare issues. Remember the moment your skin is dry, it tends to have a domino effect on everything else. And that’s why it’s given the importance it deserves. 

Helps Keep Skin Youthful

When your skin is dry and dehydrated it is susceptible to all the premature signs of ageing. Your skin starts losing elasticity, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, frown lines ––basically, everything your skin needs to look a lot older than it does. Moisturising helps retain nutrients and hydration in the skin, and nourishes it to the point where your skin boosts elasticity and collagen. This leaves you with a plump, youthful face.

The Best Solution For Acne

Who said people with acne-prone skin cannot use moisturisers? By moisturising your skin, you are actually preventing yourself from breaking out. When your skin is too dry, it tends to overproduce oil. An overproduction of oil means more chances of grime, dirt, and all the nasties getting into your pores. A good moisturiser will give the right amount of moisture to your skin and will therefore prevent it from trying to overproduce oil and result in breakouts.

Maintains Oil Balance

As mentioned above, using a moisturiser helps control your sebaceous glands. Even if you’ve got oily skin, when you don’t moisturise your skin is stripped off its natural moisture and oils. This causes your glands to go crazy, and produce oil in overdrive. By moisturising you are giving your skin that extra dose of nourishment that stops it from replacing lost oil (and going bananas). 


Protects Sensitive Skin 

Moisturisers are soothing for sensitive skin, especially if you experience redness and irritation. Moisturising your skin will instantly calm it down, and keep any irritation at bay.

The Best Post-Shower Buddy

When you have a hot shower, you dry out your skin. Moisturising your face and your body helps replenish that lost moisture, keeping it soft and supple all day long.

MyGlamm Recommends The Best Face Moisturisers

It’s all about choosing the right moisturiser for your skin! If you’ve got oily skin, opt for gel based moisturisers that are lightweight by nature. If you’ve got dry skin, go for heavy cream based moisturisers that’ll go the extra mile to hydrate your parched skin. Whatever you choose, know that the benefits of moisturizer will definitely give you the skin of your dreams. 


YOUTHfull Hydrating Moisturising Cream With Water Bank Technology


Meet the rich moisturiser that won’t weigh your skin down. This cream-based moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated all day long, without making it look like a grease-ball. The bi-layer hyaluronic patch system with natural oils, make sure your skin gets maximum hydration. It has a PEG-free natural oil emulation system that makes it comfortable to wear. Infused with Marine Complex 5, your skin will be left feeling soft and supple, with a natural dewy glow.

YOUTHfull Hydrating Moisturising Gel With Water Bank Technology

This hydrating gel moisturiser instantly cools and hydrates the skin, and it has a unique aqua holding formula that locks in the moisturise. Infused with anti-inflammatory licorice, antioxidant turmeric, and coco grass. It soothes irritated and UV damaged skin. Since it has a lightweight gel texture that’s non-sticky, it’s perfect for oily or acne prone skin.

Manish Malhotra Amla Moisturising Gel

This gel based moisturiser is made from pure concentrated aloe vera juice. It has skin-loving ingredients including amla, almond oil, and mint, all of which deeply nourishes dull, dehydrated skin, prevents premature ageing, fine lines, and wrinkles, reduces inflammation and puffiness, and naturally rejuvenates and tones the skin. So many benefits in one moisturiser! The formula is lightweight and quick absorbing and acts as a powerful antioxidant. So if you’ve got irritated skin too, this one will calm and soothe it too.

Glow Iridescent Brightening Moisturising Cream

This brightening cream instantly livens dry and dull skin. It’s powered with rosehip oil which contains antioxidants that heal and strengthen your skin. The Hydro crystal complex system locks in moisture and nourishes your skin from within. It leaves you with a soft, youthful glow that your skin is going to love!

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Moisturisers are literally the key to healthy skin. Your skin needs a healthy amount of nourishment and hydration in order to remain youthful and glowing. These moisturiser benefits are apt for every skin type and skin concern.


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