Catch The Light: Lumi Creams Are The Glow-Boosters You’ve Been Looking For


Lumi creams are the underrated beauty products you never knew you needed. It’s for glow seekers who want to attain a natural radiance with little to no use of makeup products. It’s for those of you who wish you had naturally glowing skin but don’t want to put in too much effort to get it. That’s right, lumi cream is an exceptional skin product that will totally blow your mind. But what is a lumi cream exactly and how does it work and fit into your beauty routine? Let’s find out.


What Is A Lumi Cream?

What is lumi cream?

If you are eager to find out what is a lumi cream, you have come to the right place. A lumi cream is a complexion-improving skin care product that makes your skin glow in the literal sense. It is not exactly a makeup product but it does give makeup-like results because you will notice a visible difference after applying the cream for the very first time. Lumi creams have reflective properties that make your skin look dewy and silky. They kind of work like skin illuminators but they also have skincare benefits. Lumi creams work like a highlighter except they have skincare ingredients that also care for your skin which makes it even more amazing. 


Lumi creams can be used by themselves to moisturise your skin and add an illuminating glow. It can be applied to the high points of your face and eyelids for a highlighted effect instead of a makeup highlighter. It can also be applied as a moisturising and illuminating primer before makeup as it can give your foundation a glowing finish.


 How To Use A Lumi Cream

How to use lumi cream

Now that you have found out what is lumi cream, it is time to find out how to use a lumi cream correctly in your beauty routine. These simple steps will help you apply lumi cream for the best results.


Step 1: Cleanse your face with a gentle face wash to remove dirt and impurities. Pat your skin dry with a face towel.

Step 2: Pour some toner on a cotton pad and then swipe it across your face. Toner will help balance your skin’s pH levels and also help reduce the size of enlarged pores.

Step 3: Apply a skin care face serum to target any existing skin concerns. You can use a niacinamide serum for multiple concerns like excess oil production, discolouration, dark spots, and acne.

Step 4: Now it is time to apply your lumi cream. Lumi cream can replace moisturiser so apply it as a moisturising step. Squeeze out some of the lumi cream from the tube on the back of your palm and then use your fingers to pick up some cream and dot it all over your face and neck. Once you have dotted it all over, use your fingers to massage and spread it across your face and neck. 


MyGlamm Recommended Lumi Cream

MyGlamm Vitamin C Lumi Cream 30g

You now know exactly how to apply lumi cream so it is only fair that you get your hands on the best lumi cream in the market right now to add this glow boosting product to your skincare routine. And this product is just what you are looking for. Enriched with vitamin C, niacinamide, and kakadu plum extract in its formula, this lumi cream effectively hydrates the skin, evens out skin tone, and reduces dark spots and pigmentation while giving a pearl-like finish to the skin. The lightweight formula absorbs quickly into the skin and does not feel sticky. It also controls sebum production and protects against sun damage.

Having learned how to apply lumi cream, you can now effectively reap the benefits of this glow-boosting skincare hybrid product by adding it to your beauty regimen.

FAQ about Lumi cream


Can we apply powder after Lumi cream?

Yes, you can use powder to set oily areas.

Is Lumi cream good for daily use?

Yes, lumi cream is a skin care product.

Is Lumi cream a moisturizer?

Yes, it is a mosituriser with an illuminating finish.

Can I mix Lumi cream with foundation?

Yes, it can make your foundation look for dewy.


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