Hair Conditioner Benefits: Spilling The Tea On The Benefits Of Using Conditioner – And Why You Should Never Skip It!


Conditioner is literally an essential part of any hair care routine –– and if anyone told you otherwise, they’re probably out to get some revenge, because that ain’t the truth. In the realm of hair care products, it always goes, shampoo, conditioner, and then a mask (leave-in or wash off, whichever you fancy). This is the routine none of us should ever question. So what exactly is a hair conditioner, and why does this little thing make such a huge difference to your mane? The hair conditioner benefits are immense –– it is usually formulated using nourishing ingredients like oils or emollients that replenish any lost moisture. By doing so, you are reversing any damage and preventing a whirlwind of issues from occurring to your beautiful locks. 


Scroll down to see the multiple hair conditioner benefits and how conditioning your hair has a huge impact on the way it looks, feels, and how it grows.


Scroll down to see how conditioning your hair has a huge impact on the way it looks, feels, and how it grows.


What Is Conditioner? 

A hair conditioner is a moisturising haircare product. It’s the second step after hair washing. The texture of a hair conditioner is creamy and smooth you can easily apply it to the hair. The benefits of conditioner are many such as controlling frizz, adding shine, smoothing hair, etc.

Benefits Of Conditioner


It goes without saying that there are many hair conditioner benefits and how they help nourish your hair. It provides the cuticle with a protective coating that prevents your hair from breaking easily. Exposure to environmental factors like UV rays, heat, and styling products causes your hair shafts to open up. Applying a conditioner fills in those gaps and heals them. Check out these hair conditioner benefits and how you can make the most out of them.


Makes Hair Smooth, Soft, & Shiny


When you nourish and deep condition your hair, you replenish it with moisturise. This moisture adds a certain amount of shine and smoothness to your locks. This results in less dryness, frizz, and minimal breakage. Try looking for onion conditioners that’ll help nourish your hair, while making it smooth and manageable. 


Reduces Split Ends


Picture this –– when your hair ends are damaged, they become dry, frayed, and brittle. This causes split ends, which often restrict healthy hair growth. Conditioners help to soften and smoothen split ends, by nourishing each and every strand. This is one of the most common hair conditioner benefits.


Prevents Breakage


When your hair is healthy and hydrated, it doesn’t break. Broken hair is often a sign of damaged and weak hair. By conditioning it, you retain moisture in the scalp and hair, ensuring that your hair doesn’t break easily when it gets tangled.


Makes Your Mane Manageable


The biggest issue one faces when hair is dry is that it becomes unmanageable. An unmanageable mane often leads to frizziness and tangles, which eventually results in broken hair, split ends, and much worse. When you condition your hair, you make it more manageable –– silky smooth hair means less frizz, less dryness, and less breakage. It improves the general quality of your locks. It’s one of the most effective and popular benefits of conditioner!


Reduces Absorption


Your hair strands have the tendency to absorb loads of water, which then makes it quite vulnerable to breakage and damage. When you apply a conditioner, you neutralise any negative charges with positive charges present in your conditioner. This reduces your hair’s ability to soak in extra water.


Protects From Towel Damage


Towel drying your hair actually causes more damage than you can imagine. When your hair is wet it is really vulnerable and by vigorously towel drying your hair, you're causing it to break and damage its cuticles. One of the hair conditioner benefits is that it helps prevent this friction by reducing any stress on the hair, while towel drying it.


Protects From Styling Damage


You’ve got straighteners, curling tongs, hairsprays, overbrushing, over colouring, chemical treatments...the works –– when it comes to styling damage, the army of external factors waiting to ruin your hair come by the dozen. Thanks to all of this, your hair goes through trauma and back. Therefore, it needs a little protection from all that damage. Conditioning the lengths of your hair, creates a barrier and shields your hair from physical damage. The conditioner also reverses any extra damage caused to the hair shaft.


Tames Flyaways


The worst thing to happen, especially when you’ve styled your hair, flyaways and baby hairs are a certified pain. These pesky little flyaways happen due to static electricity produced thanks to the friction between your hair strands. By conditioning your hair you reduce that very friction –– and helps combat and tame those very flyaways.


How To Use A Conditioner

You may have the best conditioner with you but if you don’t know the correct way to use it on your hair, you’ll not be able to take the best hair conditioner benefits. Below are some of the best steps on how to use a conditioner:


  • The first step to use a conditioner is to apply it through the length of your hair in fluid and long motions. ( Don’t apply it on dripping wet hair)

  • Never apply conditioner on the scalp of your hair as conditioners have chemicals in them.

  • Leave the hair conditioner for at least 5-10 minutes. You can leave deep conditioners for 20-30 minutes. 

  • Rinse it off after 5 minutes for the best results.

How Often Should You Use A Conditioner?

You should use a conditioner every time you wash your hair with shampoo. In the case of deep conditioners, you should use them once a week and leave them in conditioners of course for every time you wash your hair.


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Best Conditioner for Dry and Frizzy Hair 

Now, do you understand the different hair conditioner benefits and why skipping your conditioner is a no-go? Hair conditioners play an important role in the way your hair looks, feels, and grows. It is probably one of the most basic, yet necessary steps in your haircare routine. The benefits of hair conditioners go beyond the superficial and really gets into the structure of your hair to provide it with the necessary nutrients required for it to be healthy. It assists with hair growth, reduces hair fall, prevents breakage, protects your shafts, and so much more. Just apply it post a shampoo onto the lengths of your hair and leave it on for two minutes till all the moisture locks in and you’ll be one step closer to a celebrity-esque mane!

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