Hair Care 101: How To Use Hair Conditioner Correctly

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Just like our skincare regime, we need to have a proper hair care regimen as well. We are so careful about using only the best hair care products that we rarely change up the ones that work for us. Using a good shampoo has always been our priority followed by a good conditioner but still, how many of us do it properly? Conditioner is important because it makes your hair soft and nourished. So, if you do want to make the most of your conditioner, this article is for you.


How To Apply Hair Conditioner Correctly

While choosing a conditioner, pick the right kind for your hair and skin type. Various conditioners offer various advantages and have distinctive likely side effects. These hair conditioner tips will ensure those hair tresses enjoy the smoothness and silkiness. Simply follow these simple steps on how to apply conditioner on hair.

Shampoo Your Hair

Here’s a first important tip for you, don’t try to apply hair conditioner first and then shampoo. Why? Since shampoo is a purifying agent intended to clean the dirt, grime, and impurities from your hair. In the event that you apply conditioner first, the shampoo will essentially scrub away these benefits of conditioner.


Choose A Conditioner That’s Suited To Your Hair Type

There are a ton of alternatives out there, so ensure you consider the kind of hair you have and what your hair needs (moisture, damage fix, split end support). In case you're searching for the best hair conditioners to nourish hair, you can look for an onion hair conditioner as these days people are opting for it as the onion as an ingredient giving better results when compared to other organic hair conditioners.


Quantity of Hair Conditioner

When it comes to how to use conditioner on hair, the quantity of conditioner matters. You need to follow hair conditioning tips properly as it will change how you use the conditioner. Did you know the sum you use and how regularly you condition your hair ought to rely upon your hair type and needs? Believe it or not! In case your hair's in a terrible condition, you'll need to treat it all the more regularly to help bring back the gloss and shine. Always use a coin size amount conditioner to avoid overuse.

Start From Tips

As referenced before, hair nearest to the tips has been exposed to an additional harming environment, contrasted with more delicate segments of hair that are nearer to your scalp. In this way, start with those more established strands and move gradually up, giving the conditioner more opportunity to drench into the hair that actually needs it. Conditioners can be applied everywhere, except if you're hoping to support volume at the roots, adhere to the lengths and ends when conditioning.


Let It Absorb

When you apply conditioner on your hair, you want all the repairing properties of conditioner to soak in your hair properly in each strand. So just let your conditioner stay there for a while to do its job.


Wash Out

When the hair conditioner has been absorbed into those strands, ensure you flush your hair altogether so there's no residue as that can leave hair somewhat flat. 


Stick to Your Conditioner

It's a myth that you need to change out your shampoo or conditioner else it'll lose its impact. In the event that you've discovered the conditioner for your hair type, you can continue to utilize it and accomplish the outcomes you're after – the impact won't wear out.


Well if you have reached down till here, then now you surely know how to use hair conditioner...straightaway just all you need to start applying conditioner to your hair for the enticing, glossy and delightfully conditioned hair you've been wanting. Happy hair day!