5 beauty tips for women in their 30s

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Thirty, flirty and thriving…welcome to the most glorious time of your life. While 20s was all about experimenting, 30s are the time when you are surefooted and know what exactly works for you. And that means double the fun. That also means that you need to up your makeup game so that you can look your best always. Having knowledge of makeup and some handy beauty tricks never hurt anyone. In fact, it can help boost your confidence. By 30, looking good is on every woman’s list. Makeup in your 30s can be a reflection of your personality; you can go from bold to subtle or anything in between to suit your moods and lifestyle.

Here are some beauty tips for women in their 30s that they should know:

Retinol fix
As we turn older, the collagen production in the skin lessens. Retinols are bad boys which help optimise the collagen production, keeping the skin younger and elastic. Retinols are Vitamin A derivatives and are used in topical creams and lotions for anti-aging. They also help prevent acne and wrinkles so when in your 30s, start looking out for Retinol in your skincare products. Retinol stimulates the production of new skin cells along with helping to fade dark spots,
skin discolouration and scars marks caused due to sun, hormonal changes, skin damage etc. This is an important beauty tip for women of all ages stuggling with skin issues. 

Bold bold brows
Thin brows are so over. It’s all about bold now, in fact the bolder, the better. Take cue from Cara Delevingne and grow out those brows. Makeup in your 30s is about embracing the bold brow trend wholeheartedly. Take trips to the salon to groom those babies and brush them upwards to make them look even bigger. Full, thick, bold brows are love, just own it girl.

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Coloured eyeliner
Time to upgrade from the basic black and/or brown. You can wear colour on your eyes to make them look brighter and hence giving you a youthful appearance (and no, we are not saying you are old!). Experiment with your eyeliner and go for colours like blue, green, purple and even pink (because why not?). Instead of attempting a cat eye, a few swipes of electric colour can brighten up your face and add plenty of fun to the mix. Use it on your lower or upper lash lines to really bring out your eyes.

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Bronzer babe
We know that not many women are comfortable using the bronzer as it’s often associated with the tanned look. When done right, bronzer can actually give you a gorgeous sun kissed glow like Kim K West. Now that we have your attention, we think 30s is the time you give the bronzer a try. The product can be tricky so start small, and remember the number one rule of makeup- less is more. Take a little bit of product on a fluffy brush and apply lightly on the areas where the natural light would hit – the top of your forehead, the cheekbones and along the jawline. Apply it in light coats, making sure it’s subtle. Try it to out, we are sure you’ll love it.

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Highlight your highs
By now, most of us are familiar with highlighting. Almost all beauty tips for women encourage incorporating highlighter in your makeup kit. It is often used to add a glow to the face and to brighten darker areas. You can also use the highlighter strategically to make your lips appear fuller. As we age, our lips shrink in size, but by dabbing on a shimmery highlighter on the Cupid’s bow and the centre of your lower lip, you’ll have full-looking lips in no time.