Can You Use Argan Oil For The Face? Here's All You Need To Know


If you're wondering whether you can use argan oil for your face, the answer is a big YES. The benefits of using argan oil on your face will blow your mind and the results are simply amazing. Here's everything you need to know about the miracle product!


Benefits Of Argan Oil For Skin

Benefits Of Argan Oil For Skin

There are tons of benefits of argan oil for skin that you need to know about. Read on to find out.


1.Fights Sun Damage

Argan oil has long been used by Moroccan women to protect their skin from sun damage. The antioxidants in this oil help fight free radical damage and keep the skin safe from the harsh rays of the sun.


2.Moisturises Skin

Argan oil doubles as a great moisturiser for the face and body. It is a lightweight natural oil with immense moisturising properties.


3. Smoothes Rough Skin

Argan oil has the ability to smoothe dry and rough patches of skin. It instantly makes skin smooth and supple when applied.


4. Regulates Oil Production

Anyone with oily skin can opt for argan oil for the face because this natural oil helps regulate and reduce excess sebum production. This means your skin will look glowy and never feel sticky.


5. Prevents Acne

Owing to its antibacterial properties, argan oil makes for a great acne treatment too. Since the oil also helps reduce excess sebum production, it can help reduce acne.


6. Improves Skin Elasticity

Argan oil can make the skin feel more plump. It has the ability to improve skin elasticity and make it feel supple and soft.


7. Soothes Inflammation

From soothing atopic dermatitis to sunburn, argan oil is great for soothing minor inflammation. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help give instant relief.


8. Heals Wounds

Argan oil has wound healing abilities that are absolutely amazing. It can help heal a wound quicker and therefore also works great for healing the skin post breakouts to get rid of acne scars.


9. Fades Stretchmarks

Argan oil js great for fading stretch marks. It helps improve the appearance of skin by making it more firm and supple and gradually helps get rid of the marks effectively.


10. Has Anti Ageing Benefits

Argan oil is one of the most popular ingredients in anti-ageing skincare products. It can do everything from fade age spots to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and brighten skin.


How To Use Argan Oil For Skin


Always make sure to do a patch test first before using argan oil freely on your skin. Once you've established it agrees with your skin, you can apply argan oil directly on your face and body. Massage argan oil on clean skin after using a face wash and toner. You can also use it as an overnight treatment moisturiser to make your skin glow. The best tip is to perform facial massages after applying argan oil on the face to let it get completely absorbed by the skin quickly.


MyGlamm Products Infused With Argan Oil 


This pretty lip crayon is infused with argan oil. It delivers a gorgeous colour payoff and leaves the lips feeling moisturised and nourished. The lipstick stays on for long hours without feathering or chapping the lips.



This is one of the best foundations for girls on the go. Infused with argan oil, this stick foundation glides on the skin and gives light to medium coverage. It is non-comedogenic and gives a natural finish to the skin.


A lip liner infused with argan oil, this product is a must-have in every makeup kit. The lip liner glides on and allows for precise application. It also never smudges and leaves the lips feeling smooth and nourished.


Does argan oil darken skin?

No, in fact argan oil has the ability to make skin glow.


Is argan oil good for under eyes?

Argan Oil is great for under eyes as it helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and dryness


Does argan oil have a smell?

Argan oil has a mild nutty smell.


How long should I leave argan oil on my face?

You can leave argan oil on face overnight or as a quick 20 minute treatment.

Using argan oil for face is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Try it out now and watch how your skin glows. Regular use of argan oil for skin will bring your skincare game full circle.


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