Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Skin

coconut oil for skin

You may be accustomed to that age-old practice of coconut oil champi for healthy hair, but are you aware of the benefits of coconut oil for skin? The use of coconut oil can be extended to your skincare routine as well and believe us when we say it works as a powerful skincare product to maintain healthy skin. We take you through all the amazing benefits coconut oil can offer you if you include it in your skincare routine.


Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Skin



Coconut oil is deeply moisturising when applied to the skin and it helps strengthen the skin’s barrier and aids in texture improvement. Here are a few benefits coconut oil can offer you if you wish to use it in your skincare routine.


Offers Essential Nourishment

Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, so when applied on the skin it not only moisturises skin but also delivers essential nutrients and protection from free radical damage. And the skincare benefits of coconut oil for skin doesn’t just stop there. The high vitamin E content in coconut oil ensures your skin is well nourished and soft and smooth. 

Soothes Inflammation

Coconut oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties and therefore it helps to soothe skin irritation and inflammation. This works best in cases of sunburn or excessively dry skin in the winter. Coconut oil also has a lauric acid content which lends it anti-bacterial properties meaning it aids in killing germs that cause infections as well, further curbing symptoms of inflammation.

Improves Complexion

The amazing benefits of coconut oil on face is that it helps keep signs of ageing at bay. Coconut oil helps maintain collagen and boosts collagen production as well which keeps skin plump and helps in eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Coconut oil also is well known for detanning and evening out skin tone to reveal your natural glow. It can lighten dark patches on skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots too. Those with oily to combination skin types should avoid using it on the face as it may clog pores, but they can still use it without worrying about the hands, legs and tummy area. Dry skin types can benefit from coconut oil from head to toe.


Provides Antioxidants

With cell reinforcement and phytonutrient (plant compounds) parts, coconut oil for the face can assist with supporting your supplement element and battle against natural stressors that speed up indications of maturing.


Great Base For Exfoliants

In the event that you're into Do-It-Yourself skin health management, coconut oil makes an extraordinary exfoliant base when blended in with a granular substance like sugar or coarse sea salt. Join the two ingredients, delicately rub them onto your skin, and wipe with a warm, wet material. Coconut oil for the skin is a boon to dry skin.


Benefits of coconut oil on the skin every day is numerous, like it is anti-ageing, it can vanish the fine lines and wrinkles from your face if used adequately every day in your daily routine. By hydrating and mellowing the skin, it attempts to make those little lines and kinks show up undeniably more subtle. 

How To Use Coconut Oil For Skin


There are numerous coconut oil benefits for skin and therefore it only makes sense to try it out for yourself. The benefits of coconut oil for skin everyday result in gorgeous, healthy skin that has a natural glow. Here are the best ways you can use coconut oil on your face and body.


Face Oil Concoction

Make your own acne-fighting beauty oil for the face with coconut oil. Coconut oil can be used as a base emollient and concentrated essential oils can be added to make the beauty oil highly effective in treating various skin concerns. You can add two tablespoons of coconut oil to a 15 ml glass bottle and then add 6 drops of tea tree essential to it. This concoction can be used by anyone experiencing acne during cold weather. Gently apply this oil on the face at night and wash it off in the morning.

 Body Scrub

Coconut oil makes for an effective moisturising and skin firming agent to your DIY body scrubs. Mix two tablespoons of coconut oil with three tablespoons of sugar and massage it on damp skin in circular motions rinse it off with warm water and you will be amazed by how soft and smooth your skin gets. The sugar effectively exfoliates dead skin cells while coconut oil nourishes the skin and brightens it. 

Massage Oil

Coconut oil can be used directly on the skin as well. It is best reserved for the skin on your body rather than the face, and this goes for all skin types. Simply massage the dry areas of your skin with coconut oil to keep it nourished and even toned. It can be used on areas that are prone to darkening like the elbows, ankles, and knees. A body massage to ease muscle tension can also be done with coconut oil.

    Now that you are acquainted with the beauty benefits of coconut oil for skin, it’s time to put it to the test. Add this amazing ingredient to your beauty routine right away!



    • Is coconut oil good for your skin?

    Yes, it is good for your skin as it nourishes and moisturises your skin. There is a lot of coconut benefits for skin.


    • Is coconut oil safe for sensitive skin?

    Yes, of course, coconut oil is the safest oil you can find out in the market for sensitive skin. Coconut oil for the face is available in the market and has given good results.


    • Can coconut oil be used on acne-prone skin?

    Coconut oil is exceptionally comedogenic, and that implies it can obstruct pores. Thusly, it might really aggravate skin break out for certain individuals. When applied to the skin, coconut oil might obstruct pores and exacerbate skin breakouts. It isn't suggested for those with oily skin.


    • Can people with oily skin use coconut oil on their face?

    No, not at all, coconut oil is not recommended for oily as it can clog pores and make the oily skin worse.


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