A Makeup Kit For Beginners: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need


Are you new to this ever-growing makeup world and always confused about what exactly to own? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We recently caught up with MyGlamm’s Global Makeup Director Daniel Bauer to create an ultimate guide to makeup kit essentials that a beginner needs.

Here’s some expert advice from Daniel for every newbie:


Look for a concealer that’s oil-free, but at the same time doesn't dry out your skin. We suggest using pencils like the Twin Faced Concealer Sticks, mainly because they are easier to use.

Tinted Primer

Daniel recommends using a tinted foundation or primer because they are extremely lightweight and give you good coverage when you apply it with right makeup tool. Once you figure out your exact skin tone and how to work with it, you can upgrade to a full coverage foundation. A tinted primer is the best for newbies because it works with almost any skin tone.


A good waterproof mascara is an absolute must-have! The mascara, with a magical wand can transform your eyes and instantly amp up your lashes.


Now, this is a makeup product that every girl owns.  

Nude Eyeshadow Palette

A nude eyeshadow palette with a little bit of everything – metallic, matte, glitter and foil shades – so that you can dress up or play down your eyes. 

Contour, Highlighter & Blush

Don’t hesitate to include these three products along with makeup brush in your kit  even though you may not be a pro at contouring. Practice, practice, practice! 

Nude Lip Liner 

A nude lip liner is the perfect shade to start with. It’ll define your lips and help you colour within the lines.

Nude Lipstick

How does one find the perfect nude? Daniel gives you a cheat sheet – if you’re fair, choose nudes with pink undertones, if you’re tan, choose caramel browns and nudes with peach undertones, and if you’re dusky, stick to chocolate browns and nudes with rose tints.


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