The Perfect Guide To Achieving A Flawless Dusky Girl Makeup!


If you still believe that porcelain skin is the epitome of beauty, then we’d love to tell you that you are WRONG! Gone are the days when fairness creams were a part of every Indian girl’s household. Today, many major brands are promoting the beauty of all kinds. But even though there is a change in thinking, unfortunately, when it comes to skin colour, there are still a lot of existing problems for girls and women who fall under the medium to deep skin tone category in India. Therefore, a big question arises on how to do dusky girl makeup?


When it comes to makeup, the major problem is not being able to find a base to match your skin tone. The primer and foundation you use need to go hand in hand with your skin shade and that’s where the problem arises. Even though makeup brands have started acknowledging this issue, we still have a long way to go.

In a culture once dominated by the notion that fair is beautiful, a few Indian bloggers are redefining the term beauty, in turn, encouraging other dusky girls out there to feel confident in their skin. Shivani Trehan is just one of those bloggers.

Shivani first dived into the blogging world with @social_cravings which revolved around food and fitness. Now, she’s stepping foot into the beauty field, proving that dusky is beautiful too! She’s revealed her makeup secrets and let us in on how to achieve flawless makeup and how can a dusky girl look beautiful!




1)      Moisturize and Prime

Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! It’s the most important step for anybody especially if you have a middle to dusky skin tone. It leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and also prevents ashy patches.

After moisturizing comes primer. Now here’s where you decide on the colour combinations. Primers act as your base for your makeup so make sure you get a shade closer to your skin tone. The right shade will hide any blemishes, fill in any creases and leave you with smooth skin.


2)      Foundation

Foundations and concealers can make or break your look. So, make sure the shade complements your tone. If you are of a lighter shade you can’t opt for a darker tone and vice versa.

While in the past it was a problem to find foundations that suited darker skin tones, nowadays you do have a few more options available! So, you have no reason to walk around with your face a different colour from the rest of your body.

Makeup Tip: Never swatch on your hand as it won’t give you your exact match, instead swatch it on your jawline and see how it looks in the light.


3)      Blush

You don’t need to have a specific type of skin tone to get that perfect flush of blush! While choosing your blush, make sure to opt for tones like pinks and corals and stay away from dark tones like browns and even beige as it’ll make your skin look patchy.



4)      Highlighter

One thing Shivani swears by is highlighter. Bring out your glow and glam up your look with a highlighter. You can choose the consistency and intensity depending on your skin type. Just dab a bit on your high points and you’ll look like a glowing goddess.


5)      Lip Colour

Life’s too short to not wear lipsticks! Even if you have dusky skin doesn’t mean you can't play around with lipstick shades. Choose a shimmery gloss for a glamorous look or bold mattes like hues of red, plum or pinks for a fierce look.


6)      Eye Liner and mascara

Dusky skin women are blessed with gorgeous dark eyes and thick eyelashes. Use this to your advantage and let your eyes do the talking with liners and mascara. You can also experiment with plum, burgundy and copper eye shadow which will make your eyes pop.  


To conclude, Shivani has some doting words of wisdom.

“More than getting a fairer tone one should look at achieving clean and healthy skin with a good skincare routine. Then comes the makeup! I would say highlight your features first using a deep contour and then use a good highlighter to get that glow! Try using the MyGlamm spotlight highlighter, mix it up with your foundation and see the magic it creates. First and foremost be confident and comfortable in your own skin tone.” 


How do beginners put on makeup for dusky skin??

Makeup for dusky skin is not a tedious task. And some of the steps to do makeup on dusky skin as a beginner is-

  • Keep your skin always moisturized.

  • Match your foundation to your skin tone perfectly.

  • Then conceal your under-eye circles.

  • You should also do up with gold blushes.

  • Then you should finish your routine with a setting powder.

  • You should also try pale gold eyeshadow and a base of cream during the day.

  • With ashy colours and nudes, you should be careful.

  • You should also stay away from glossy and pale lip colours.

How do you apply makeup for dusky skin?

  • Applying makeup on dusky skin is not rocket science. Follow some makeup tips and you’re all set to rock your makeup-

  • Start with exfoliating on weekly basis with a mild face scrub.

  • You can also try applying a glowing base by using champagne or a golden liquid highlighter all over your face. 

  • The golden rule to choose a foundation shade is to choose a shade that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone. 

  • You should not stay away from blushes and bronzers at all. You can go for shades such as deep orange, coral, and rose to avoid shades like beige and brown.

  • You should go for caramel or closer to caramel shades to avoid nude lips.

  • You should use a cream-based eye shadow in shades like rose gold, brown, and coral.

Does light shade lipstick suit dusky skin?

Not all, but a few light shade lipsticks suit dusky skin tone. 


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