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Finding the right lipstick colour can be difficult, especially for women with darker skin tones. The cheat code lies in knowing how to read your undertones. From bold lip colours, to neutrals to nudes, use your undertones as a guide to choosing shades that would work best on you.

Those blessed with deeper skin tones have to work a little harder than most if you really want your lip colour to show off it’s true intensity on you. To counter the natural pigmentation on your lips, first fill them in with a nude lip liner or a concealer that close to your skin tone.


When you're shopping for nude lipsticks, look at the brownish pink tint in your lips. Look for a lipstick that mimics that tint. If you’ve got warm undertones, warm nudes are perfect you but if you fall on the cooler end of the spectrum, play around with mauves and dirty blue-pink brown shades. If you’re still struggling to find your nude match, venture beyond into a palette of browns.


Let pinks be your playground. The greatest advantage of caramel skin is that it functions as the perfect foil to all bold lip colours, ranging in spectrum from bubblegum to carnation to fuschia.


When you match a red with the wrong undertone, it’s painfully obvious. Orange or vermillion hued reds light up warm skin tones but can make cool skin tones look sallow. While reds with hints of blue in their colour formulation will give cooler skin tones a flush of life affirming colour.


Dark, deep, edgy lip colours were made for deep skin tones. These sexy, vampy shades—ranging from wines, burgundy to deep purples—create the right kind of statement. pairing

#ProHack: To pull the look together, use deep, vampy lipsticks as the anchor, accentuated with neutral eyeshadows, and plenty of highlighter.