6 Time-Saving Tips On How To Apply Eyeliner For Beginners!


What is life without eyeliner, am I right beauty mavens? It adds definition to the eyes by bringing out the eye colour and even make you look more awake. But sadly, not all of us have the dexterity to master those even wings or the edgy graphic eyeliner look. Sometimes, even creating a plain, straight line can be tricky but that's where we can help. Let go of all your worries, cause these tricks and eyeliner tips will help you with your liner for sure. Scroll down to know how to apply eyeliner for beginners!

Best Eyeliner Tips For Beginners

How to apply eyeliner for beginners? Before you indulge yourself in buying an eyeliner in all excitement, you should surely be knowing the right eyeliner tricks to try and experiment!


Know Your Liner

Eyeliners come in liquid, gel, and pencil form. Each application has its ups and downs and requires different skill levels. Pencil liner is the simplest and easiest, to begin with. If you are new to the liner, start with the LIT Eyeliner Pencils that come in 8 trendy shades. Pick a liner that glides easily on the skin without tugging or dragging. A creamy eyeliner or kajal makes it convenient to apply closer to the lash. It is densely pigmented, giving you an intense line in one stroke and saving you the trouble of going over it again and again.

Line With A Pencil First

Once you have mastered the pencil liner, it’s time to graduate to gel and liquid ones. These can be tricky but then you can cheat your way to eyeliner perfection. Start by drawing with the pencil and then go over with the liquid liner. The Stay Defined Liquid Eyeliner also has HD Brow Powder on the other end of the tube. The pencil liner will not only help you trace the shape easily but will also act as a base, giving you a more intense colour. You can use your brow pencil to the same effect.

Stretch The Skin

Taut skin makes it easier to apply any kind of eyeliner. It also gives precision by allowing you to see closely and clearly. Use a finger to gently stretch/pull the skin just above your eye (brow bone area) and then apply the liner. We'd recommend a Wheelie Eyeliner that has a tiny rolling disc applicator giving you skip-free, straight line in one smooth stroke. If your hands feel shaky, prop your elbow up on a counter to steady your hand. But remember, you don’t want to tug too hard and risk damaging the skin.

Don’t Get Daunted By Mistakes

Eyeliners can be unforgiving and even the experts must take an occasional smudge or an awry line. The key is not to panic and to understand that it can all be corrected. Mistakes are bound to happen and if you are a beginner, be ready with a few Q-tips, for they’ll be your bestie while you deal with your stubborn liner. Soak the tip with a little makeup remover and wipe away the smudge or use it to correct that crooked line. You don’t need to erase your handwork; a little spot correction will do.

Use Hacks

Hacks don’t just make entertaining videos, these can be of great help (given you try the right ones!). One of the most interesting eyeliner tricks is to take help from duct tapes, credit cards or even spoons to get even wings every time. Keep your trusty Q-tips by your side for any accidents. Use duct tape or hold the edge of credit/debit cards diagonally from the outer corner of your eyes and trace a line with the liner. Let it dry for a while and remove the object. Ta-da, you have the perfect flick.

Get Rid Of Oily Lids

Your liner will be difficult to apply on sweaty/oily lids. It's often advised to moisturize and prime the lids before any makeup application, especially during winters when the skin tends to get drier than usual. But greasy skin will not give you the colour payoff along with increasing the chances of smudging. Always remove excess moisture from the lids before applying the eyeliner. If you have oily skin, set the eyeliner with a translucent powder post-application.

Let this video be your complete eyeliner guide:


What type of eyeliner is best for beginners?

If you’re new to the eyeliner room, you might be flooded with multiple options. The best and easiest eyeliner type to start with as a beginner is a pencil one. A pencil eyeliner easily glides, doesn’t tug, and is better with shaky hands than gel or liquid!

How do you keep liquid eyeliner from cracking?

The tip to keep liquid eyeliner from cracking or flaking is to use the black eyeshadow directly over the eyeliner that you placed on the eye.

How do I keep my eyeliner from smudging?

To avoid eyeliner from smudging, you should use long-lasting eyeliner. If you have dry skin, you won’t have as much of a problem using wax pencils, but if you have an oily skin type, steer away from wax eyeliners or whipped gel eyeliners- they will smudge and smear more easily because of your skin type. If you use a pencil liner, you can put it in the fridge for a few minutes before you use it which will firm up with the wax making it less likely to smudge!

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