5 Hairstyles For Short Hair That Are All The Rage This Season


When it comes to hair, there can only be two types of people: people who stick with long hair, and people who take the risk with short hair. Short haircuts have been in trend since last year, and the number of people ditching their old long hairstyles is skyrocketing. From long bobs to under coloured pixie cuts, 2021 has seen it all. And while short hair is comparatively easier to maintain, breezier to style and requires fewer haircare products, it can get really boring if you only stick with one type of hairstyle for short hair. 


So if you are looking to add some spice to your hair game, you are going to need to switch things up. No, you won’t have to sit and stalk Pinterest hairstyles all day, because we have made a listicle of the most gorgeous hairstyles for short hair that you are going to love! 


Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair


Committing to one hairstyle is almost like confirming a long-term relationship before getting into it! Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! While the list of short hairstyles for women can get real boring real quick, we have listed down some gorgeous and trending hairstyles for short hair that are the hottest talks of the town. There’s one for all of you - girlies with thin hair, thick hair, and even fine hair. 


A Wavy Bob




Topping the chic hairstyle charts this year is a short bob with wavy face framing locks. This hairstyle can help you fake more volume which makes it a great short hairstyle for thin hair. The face framing locks make this hairstyle suitable for round faces as well. It helps centre the attention on the central features of your face subtly. 


French Bob With Curtain Bangs




Curtain bangs have taken over the hair industry like no other. But no one said that you could rock it with only long hair? This cute hairstyle for short hair is perfect for long faces or for people with a wide forehead. It can help balance your facial length, and can make it look a bit shorter. So get on this Gen Z- approved hair trend and get ready to click the coolest hair-fies! 


Half Up Half Down Bun




Half up half down hairstyles are the ultimate lazy girl hack to looking put together with minimum effort. Brownie points to this hairstyle for making an amazing short hairstyle for thick hair. While you can tuck almost half your hair volume up in a cute bun, the rest of your locks are in full display, so take care of them too! You could choose to style it straight, wavy or even curly depending on your hair type or mood. 


The Inverted Bob




That’s one way to scare your hairstyle blues away! The inverted bob hairstyle has been the go-to cool boss girl hairstyle for more than a couple years now, and we are not complaining. Maintaining its rapport in the list of trending short hairstyles 2021, it is also a gorgeous short hairstyle for fine hair. This hairstyle for short hair gives a very chic and classy vibe to your entire look. So if you’re a boss babe who is looking for a low maintenance hairstyle that can make them look put together at all times, this inverted bob is the way to go. 


Baby Mullet




If you’re the trend girl in your friend group, you would know the traction mullets are getting - some right, some wrong - but definitely the talk of the town. Even if you are a scaredy-cat (like most of us) you can go for this baby mullet which is a subtle version of the exaggerated 80’s hairstyle. If your hairstyle is getting boring and out of style, this hairstyle for short hair is sure to put you on the trend train.


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Are you ready to rock a short hairstyle yet? If yes, then which hairstyle for short hair is the perfect fit for you?

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