5 Fall Makeup Trends To Cue Into This Wedding Season


Disclaimer: This post shall be about Pumpkin Spiced Everything. NOT.

Ok, ok, we admit PSL is one of our favourite things so as we sip on our grande we bring you the lowdown on fall makeup trends for you to translate from catwalk to everyday. The plus? You can even work some of them into your wedding look.

Metallic Eyes

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This one’s been a staple across runways and fashion houses right from Emporio Armani to Elie Saab. And now isn’t the time to play subtle. For those who love to do ’extra’, it’s the perfect accompaniment to finish off a night-about-town look or it is a LOOK all by itself. You choose. There is so much ground to play here. Update your regular smokey eye with jewel toned eyeshadows, add a sliver of shimmer or pair black liner and metallic eyeshadow makeup for high octane glamour.

Why we love it- Extra glam ammunition for the upcoming cocktail party season.

Berry Bold Lips and Cheeks

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We think this is one of the prettiest trends by far. Both have been around for some time, though always separately, but Fall 2017 calls for a coupling of the two. The only thing to remember is to keep your eyes neutral. A slightly smudged, just bitten into a raspberry, look with a dash of colour on the cheeks is the way to go.

Why we love it - We can totally see ourselves working this look for a sangeet.

Glossy Lips

Gloss like a boss baby, because this one is back in all its non-gooey avatar. Oh , also it’s just not contained to your lips. Dab a little on your eyelids for dimension and shine. Keep your pout nude or be bold and layer on the laquer on your very berried lips. A glossy lipstick or a lip gloss that does not act as glue for your windswept hair will do the trick. 

Why we love it- Glossy lips, whether in a bright colour or nude, freshens up any look.

Barely There

A heavily made up base is as out for fall as it was for spring/summer. Smooth, poreless and healthy looking skin with just a hint of colour courtesy any cheek stain is the way to roll. Throw in the glossy lid and lip or pair it with a bold lip or statement eyes.

Why we love it - Works great for daytime engagements and lets your skin take a breather from the night before.

Brown Lips

The 90s are back just in case you still haven’t gotten the memo. No, put the tweezers away, over plucked eyebrows are still out! What’s made a comeback though is the brown lipstick and any brown colour variants in matte lipstick, semi-matte or glossy. We recommend scrolling through Kylie Jenner Instagram feed for a modern take or hark back to Jennifer Aniston’s lippy look on FRIENDS.

Why we love it - Because we needed a break from reds and nudes and the 90s were awesome!!


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