What Is Winged Eyes Eyeliner & Its Meaning: 4 Winged Eyeliner Problems Every Girl Is Familiar With!


Cat eyes or perfect winged eyeliner- call it what you want but this style came back in trend a couple of years ago and hasn’t left since (thanks to celebs like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande). The only difference between these two eyeliner styles is that the former is more dramatic, with the latter being a popular choice for everyday wear.

While winged eyes bring more attention to your eyes, trying to draw them on is a whole other problem. Even the mere mention of it can bring about a wave of panic. But still, every girl’s eye makeup dream is to create the perfect winged eyes. While beauty bloggers and their array of tutorial videos of winged eyeliner hacks make it all seem rather easy, the truth is that there are going to be a bunch of winged eyeliner fails whether you're a newbie or even a pro.

Since this problem is all too real, we’ve noted down some of the most popular winged eyeliner problems that every girl has dealt with at least once, if not all the time. If you've faced these perfect winged eyeliner problems while trying to create the winked eyes, then we're here to assure you that you're not alone. Read on to find out winged eyeliner meaning and problems while doing up!

Winged Liner Problem #1

Tape Fail

If you’ve been active on social media, then the wing eyeliner hacks wouldn't be a strange concept for you. From spoons to credit cards, we’ve seen it all, but the most common hack has to be the use of scotch tape. Now if you’ve tried this one, you’ll know that the very first try is always a major fail. You either end up with a wing that’s not sharp enough or pulling out that tape is so painful that it makes you wonder if it was ever worth it.


Winged Liner Problem #2

Asymmetrical Wings

If it was the one eye winged eyeliner trend, then we would all be a pro. There are many times when we create the perfect version on one eye but completely butcher up the other.

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Winged Liner Problem #3

Blink & It’s Gone

And then there are times when you do manage to create the perfect winged eyes, but you land up with an extra line on your crease
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Winged Liner Problem #4

Stretching the skin

Here’s a mistake we’re all guilty of making while trying to perfect the makeup trick. While pulling the skin back gives you a smoother canvas to work with, releasing the skin makes it bounce back and with it, your liner, leaving you with heavy smudging.

The Solution You Need!

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