Mix 'N' Match: Quick Hacks To Customise Your Lipstick Shade To Perfection!


What is the number of lipsticks you have bought and never used? I can think of at least three unused lipsticks in my kit right now. Gone are the days when you were loyal to the same brand and the same shade. Thanks to more choices in both brands and colours, it's hard not to splurge. Since being a hoarder can be expensive, I'd suggest you repurpose some of the older ones. If you're looking for a new fun lipstick shade, you don't have to go out and repurchase it. You can mix and match, make your dressing table your lab! Think of yourself as a make-up scientist, mixing and matching, creating new potions!

OK, jokes aside, let's get real. There are MANY ways to lighten, darken or adjust the finish of any of your existing lipsticks. If you're up for the challenge, let me share some fun lipstick hacks

Here's how you can lighten or darken an existing lipstick:

1. Add some eyeshadow for a matte finish


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Use an existing eyeshadow to lighten or darken your lipstick. Use a sharp tool to scrape out some of the eyeshadow. Using the back of your hand as a palette, mix some lipstick with eyeshadow and you've just DIY'ed a new lip colour. And you know what? Since it's got powder eyeshadow, it's going to give you a gorgeous matte finish!

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2. Use a lip liner to bring out that colour

Use a lip liner that's a few shades darker to give your lipstick a kick of pigment. The lip liner will boost the colour of your lipstick and give you a custom colour to work with. You can adjust the intensity of the lip liner or the lipstick depending on what you like. I personally prefer to buy light coloured lip liners and use them under my dark, vampy shades of lipstick to correct their intensity to suit my skin tone. 

You can even use a darker lip liner with a lighter lipstick to create a stunning ombre effect.

3. Make most of a highlighter for a metallic sheen

Metallic lipstick anyone? Don't run out and splurge on a best metallic lipstick that you'll probably never end up wearing. Use a highlighter or some loose pigment and mix it in with your fave liquid or bullet lipstick. You have your very own metallic lipstick! You can even apply your lipstick normally and then use a bit of cream eyeshadow to bring in the metallic sheen.

4. Create your own shade with liquid lipsticks

The easiest of all the other hacks if you ask me! I have an annoying habit of buying mini lipstick sets. I end up using barely one of two colours and the other ones end up lying around. Lately, I've been mixing one or two shades of lipstick together to create my own custom shade and I'm obsessed. I picked up this lipstick hack from a beauty blogger and I cannot stop doing this! There are no rules here, go crazy! My favourite hack is using a lipstick that's extremely light for me and mixing it with deeper hues of pinks, reds and purples to create a customised pigment perfect for me. If you're feeling wild, you can even melt a few lipsticks over a metal spoon and store them in small plastic containers to use later. I like to add a dollop of vaseline jelly and some shimmer to give the lipstick a shiny, creamy consistency!