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Some of the ‘90s beauty trends are having a moment, and we are so into it. From blue eyeshadow and body glitter to clear lip glosses and metallic lipsticks, they have all made a huge comeback and are here to stay. The ‘90s was the age of experimental fashion, and the era did give us some statement looks. We are talking about the glamorous metallic lips. They are so in vogue right now with celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Kylie Jenner flaunting their shimmery lip makeup in style with gorgeous metallic lipsticks on.

Bringing in the 90’s trend of all things metallic is pretty evident on social media applications especially Instagram. Metallic lipsticks add a twist to your look mostly when you’re planning to go for nude eye makeup since it allows your lip colour to pop and have all eyes on them. Available in different forms from mattes to liquids, metallic lipstick creates the magic you are looking for. At MyGlamm, you get various metallic lipstick shades that can go with every outfit you decide on. We have got Metallic Matte Lipstick, Metallic Liquid Lipstick and the best Metallic Liquid Lipstick Set at a pocket-friendly cost.

How to Wear Metallic Lipstick?

Wearing metallic lipstick isn't a tough job, it's as simple as applying regular lipstick. If you are still worried about applying metallic lipstick, then do follow these steps and you will know it all.


Step 1 - Prepare your lip before applying your metallic lipstick. Use a lip scrub or a gentle face scrub with tiny exfoliating particles and scrub all the dead skin from your lips so that you can get soft and supple lips.

Step 2 - Outline your lips with a lip liner as it will help you fill your lip in proper and perfect shape. Also, choose a lip liner that compliments your metallic lipstick shade to make your lip colour look even.

Step 3 - Once you have applied your metallic lipstick, clear any extra spots around your lip, if any to create a clear edge.

Do’s And Don'ts When Wearing A Metallic Lipstick

Do Exfoliate Before Applying A Metallic Lipstick

Sloughing away dead skin cells from the surface of your lips should be the first step in your lipstick application routine, especially since the shiny, light-reflecting properties of a metallic lipstick can draw attention to flakes and dryness. To get that flawless metallic look, follow do’s and don’ts of lip care, while gently massaging a lip scrub onto your lips to exfoliate is essential other lip care steps will make your lips softer & naturally pretty.

Do Not Skip Your Lip Primer or Lip Balm

Using a lip scrub shouldn’t be the only step in your prep routine. Before applying metallic lipstick, don’t forget to moisturize your lips. After you’ve exfoliated your lips, apply a hydrating lip conditioner, then follow up with a lip primer, which helps to ensure that your metallic lipstick goes on smoothly and wears evenly.

Do Choose A Shade That Complements Your Skin Tone

The best way to play around with a new lip texture is by choosing a colour that you already know suits your complexion. If you don’t pick the right shade, you might end up looking pale or faded, so keep that in mind.

Do Not Forget To Use A Lip Liner

As with any lipstick, the best way to keep your metallic hue confined to your lips is by creating a lip liner barrier. When selecting your formula, make sure to choose a creamy texture that will blend better with the shimmering metallic lipstick, as opposed to a matte lip liner. 

Best-Selling Metallic Lipstick Price

Buy the best metallic lipsticks at great prices only at MyGlamm. We have got you our best-selling metallic lipstick price and other details to check at glance.

MyGlamm’s Manish Malhotra Metallic Lipstick is a limited edition matte metallic lipstick range that will take your look from Nah to WOW in no time. Featuring a rich matte texture and metallic finish, this metallic lipstick is enriched with moisturising and nourishing cottonseed oil for some smooth, soft lip love. It is available in 4 beautiful shades that will accentuate your pout. Best of all, the price of this metallic lipstick is just ₹1050. Isn’t that amazing?

Shop for Best Selling Metallic Lipstick Online at MyGlamm

Where do you get the best metallic lipstick online? The answer is, only at MyGlamm. Yes, MyGlamm brings all the 90s glory packed together in our long-lasting metallic lipsticks. You just need to pick your choice of metallic lipstick shade and shop online at MyGlamm to experience the best shopping time. You can buy metallic lipsticks at MyGlamm without giving any second thoughts as we have curated the best shades that suit Indian skin tone and exemplifies beauty.

When we say metallic lips, what you think are overly sparkly lips that look gaudy instead of pretty, but here’s the good news. We have got the kind of metallic lipsticks that you would love to try. Our long-lasting metallic lipsticks add just the right amount of pop and make your lips look softer and fuller with every swipe. So, what are you waiting for? Swap your favorite metallic lipstick shade and get that glistening beauty and bandwagon effect.

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MyGlamm’s metallic lipstick range will surely make your look go DRAB to FAB in no time. Our pretty metallic lipstick shade range is sure to make you look wow. Go ahead! And buy the best metallic lipstick here at MyGlamm, If you are still unsure of the shade that goes best for you, then you can try out our ‘find your shade’ feature, where you will get your perfect shade according to your preferences.

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