15 Best Body Mists In India For Every Budget!!


We just love body mists. Sure, we wouldn’t replace our favourite perfume with one, but they definitely have a special place in our vanity! They’re light and airy, and don’t have a strong smell – which is why they serve as the perfect pick-me-up for when you want to smell nice and fresh but not too noticeable! Besides, they’re so much cheaper than perfumes and easier to carry around all day! So here are some of the best body mist in India that you can try – no matter what your budget is! Body Mist Under A Budget

How To Apply Mists FAQ’s

Best Body Mists In India Under 500 Rupees

Low on the budget? Want an amazing body mist? Here are some of the best body mist under 500 rupees. Have a look.

1.Wipeout Germ Killing Body Spray

Wipeout Germ Killing Body Spray

Wipeout’s Germ Killing body spray is one of the best body mists for all the good reasons. It’s something you can’t ignore as it kills germs, moisturises, purifies your skin, and keeps you fresh and germ-free all day. The good news here is that it contains no gas formula making it ideal to use for women, men, and children!

Price: Rs ₹ 149.

Buy it here

2.Streax Perfumed Body Mist – Lily Vanilla


The streax body mist has an amazing fragrance and is actually vanilla body mist. It is more of tropical mists and the breezy fragrance lasts for 4-5hours. Price: Rs 199. Buy it here

3. Kama Ayurveda Pure Vetiver Water Body Mist

best body mists

It’s a simple, earthy scent that has us hoarding up on many, many bottles! And it’s so delicate and refreshing that we can happily touch up through the day without ever smelling OTT! Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.

4. Nike Green Body Mist – For Women

best body mists body-mist-nike-100-green-400x400-imae64zam3xs3dfz

Nike is always a good idea. We tend to fall back on this option whenever we get confused with too many things to choose from! And it does smell pretty great! Price: Rs 348. Buy it here.

5. Playboy Play it Spicy Body Mist – For Women

best body mists body-mist-playboy-240-play-it-spicy-400x400-imadv5jfzyw3hdhf

A Playboy body mist for this price is just not something we can ignore. Perfect for the times you wish to feel super sexy! (And isn’t that always?!) Price: Rs 999. Buy it here.

6. Avon Be Fun Body Mist

best body mists avon-be-fun-body-mist-100-ml_1_display_1424803557_4f387455_550x550

It’s floral and fruity, and we think it’s perfect for the summer! The smell is so playful – a great way to start the day! Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

7. Ital Veloce Strawberry Champagne Body Mist

best body mists 31xCVVWa9pL

Violet Blossom and Citrus – two amazing things together! So who wouldn’t like to smell like them?! And the scent is so delicate and subtle – definitely try it! Price: Rs 299. Buy it here.

8. Natural Bath and Body Mist


The natural body mist has a soothing and sensual fragrance. It has a selective blend of zesty and spicy notes that last for a long time. The best part is that it is an organic body mist that is made with all natural products. Price: Rs 325. Buy it here

Best Body Mist In India Under 1000 Rupees

Looking for an amazing yet affordable body mist? Here are our top picks of body mist in India under 1000 rupees. Have a look!

9. Face Oasis Brume Oasis Mist

best body mists

A body mist that actually hydrates your skin and is enriched with natural vitamins and minerals is a dream come true for us! That too one for this price – we’re totally loving it! Price: Rs 800. Buy it here.

10. Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love Body Mist

best body mists

You just can’t EVER go wrong with Victoria Secret body mist! We love all of their body mists, especially sheer love. Trust us, it will make you fall in love! Price: Rs 1,350. Buy it here.


11. Gap Heaven Body Mist

best body mists

A blend of musk and jasmine make this one of our favourites for a wonderful, dreamy day. It’s ideal for the daytime, no matter where you decide to go! Price: Rs 1,250. Buy it here.

12. Forest Essentials Rose and Cardamom Body Mist

best body mists

Believe us when we say this: the combination of rose and cardamom is just out of this world! This Forest Essentials body mist will quickly become your favourite – especially since it’s the ideal size to carry in your tote! Price: Rs 1,250. Buy it here.

13. Nykaa French Lavender Fragrance Mist


It is a french lavender body mist by Nykaa that smells amazing. It contains ingredients like DM water, Alcohol, Diethyl Phthalate, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan and is just perfect to use on a daily basis. Price: Rs 700. Buy it here

Best Body Mist In India Under 2000 Rupees

Wanna smell amazing? Ready to spend a good amount? Here are the best body mist for women under 2000 rupees.

14. Rihanna Rebl Fleur Body Mist for Women

best body mists

It may be a bit of a splurge, but that bottle though! Makes it seem totally worth it to us. Plus it’s by Rihanna – does anyone need more convincing?! Price: Rs 1,564. Buy it here.

15. Nargis Body Mist By Forest Essential


The Nargis body mist by Forest essential comes with seductive, floral and balancing effect of the senses and at the same time keeps the skin highly hydrated. Isn’t this combination amazing? Try it now. Price: Rs 1,895. Buy it here

16. The Body Shop Body Mist, Vanilla


The body shop vanilla body mist is not too overpowering all you need to do is spray it in an adequate amount. You should definitely try this feel light and smell amazing. Price: Rs 1,559. Buy it here

How To Apply Body Mist?

Be it a perfume, body mist or deodorant, everything has to be applied properly and to make full use of it and to make the fragrance appealing, here are some tips of how to apply body mist. Have a look to know!

  • Apply body mist just after bathing and soaking your body with a towel as at this moment the powers on the skin are open and can make the fragrance last longer.
  • Apply unscented body lotion that will help to make the body mist fragrance make prominent
  • Apply the body mist between the breasts, wrists, back of knees and inside the elbows to retain the fragrance for a long time.


Question 1- What’s the difference between a fine fragrance mist and a perfume/eau de toilette?

Answer 1- Body mists are less concentrated than perfumes and can be directly applied to the skin due to less concentration. Also, they do not last for a really long time and has to be reapplied. Whereas, perfumes are concentrated and last for a really long time, and it is suggested not to apply perfumes directly on the skin as it is highly concentrated.

Question 2- Can I make my body mist last all day long?

Answer 2- Yes, you can make the body mist last for a long time by applying it just after bathing and soaking the body and by spraying body mist  on the areas like wrists, behind your knees, inside the elbows and between the breasts

Question 3- Can we use body mist directly on the skin?

Answer 3- Yes, you can apply body mist directly on your skin as it is less concentrated than perfumes or deodorants. Hence, it does not harm the skin

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