10 Skin Care Memes Any Beauty Addict Can Relate To!


Whether you follow a skin care routine religiously or haven’t given it a second thought, there's no denying that everyone has heard about skin care tips and tricks. But as you get older you realize that they are all, in fact, TRUE and not some stupid gimmick created by the beauty industry to take our money. Every skin care addict knows about the ups and downs of keeping up with their skin care practice. There are days when you just don’t feel like doing anything and others when you just get carried away.

If you’re that person who makes fun of someone’s collection of skin care products or even their long routines, we’re pretty sure they’ll be having the last laugh with their gorgeous glowing skin. After all, skin care isn’t just a routine, it’s a way of life!

These 10 memes will have any skin care fanatic saying "I’m laughing because it’s true".

1)  Long lashes, androcentrism, clear skin - Guys just seem to have it all!


2) Repeat after me, "There is NO such thing as too many products when it comes to skin care."

3) 1 suitcase for clothes, 1 for makeup and 1 for skin care products, that’s a given!

4) "Maybe the longer I leave it on, the better my skin will look."

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5)  If only my brain could stop acting like Regina George, that would be great.

6) Admit it, as a skincare addict, you can totally relate to this meme.

7)  You hit another level of anti-social once you’ve started your nighttime skin care routine.

8) 'Cause.......sharing is caring!

9) The sun doesn’t take a break so neither should your SPF.

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10) "The hardest choices require the strongest wills."

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