Best Facial Cleanser To Have Squeaky Clean Skin

Quite often we women consider cleansing as a not so important step and tend to just skip it out. Our busy lives and tight schedules have made it nearly impossible for us to look after our skin with utmost care. Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? This might sound too weird and scientific right now but that’s the only way to tell you how important it is for us to look after our skin just as we do for the rest. 

Your skin, especially the one on your face is considered the most sensitive, so if you don’t give it the love and TLC it needs – your face begins to look dull instead of bright and radiant. Dry patches and pores become more visible and the worst of all – blackheads, accumulate onto your nose, your chin etc. So, in order to fight away all of those pimple-causing germs and bacteria off your face and to keep your skin feeling squeaky clean - MyGlamm brings you some of the best facial cleansers. Have a look at all that MyGlamm has to offer you in their face cleansers range. Add your pick to the cart and be ready to witness soft, supple and naturally glowing skin.

Benefits of Using A Facial Cleanser

Here are some benefits of using a face cleanser

Eliminates buildup

Washing your face eliminates dirt, oil and other unwanted debris. Throughout the day, your skin builds up bacteria, dirt, and dead skin. If you do not wash your face, your skin will continuously be surfaced with dirt and grime, which can cause blocked pores and blemishes. Cleansing your face, helps lift away these impurities and keeps your skin looking and feeling fresh & clear.


Balances Skin’s pH

A facial cleanser helps balance the pH level of the skin and it also helps fight the impacts of external pollutants on the skin, that can lead to the emergence of multiple problems for example - facial shine, acne, dryness, etc.

 Makes Skin Breathable

Using a cleanser enables the skin to oxygenate from the inside. This enables the skin to breathe properly while the process of cellular restoration that takes place while you sleep at night is done successfully.


Maintains Skin’s Clarity

When your skin’s natural oils come in contact with all the dirt, oil and bacteria in the air, it results in blocked pores. If you do not cleanse your face daily, this can cause acne which can be severe if not taken care of properly. When using a facial cleanser, rest assured, none of this will happen. It will help maintain skin’s clarity at all times.

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Common FAQ’s on Facial Cleansers

Despite being a regular skincare product, many of you end up having tons of questions on facial cleansers but we can’t blame you simply because this one simple product now comes in various forms - gel, creme, foam etc. So to simplify these doubts here are some commonly asked questions.

Q. What Does Cleansing Do to Your Face?

A. Cleansing your face thoroughly twice on a daily basis ensures that all the dirt, oil and bacteria that has been accumulating over your face gets lifted away without disturbing your skin’s pH balance while keeping your skin hydrated, soft and supple.

Q. What’s The Best Way of Using a Facial Cleanser

A. The best way of using a facial cleanser is by taking a coin-sized amount of product onto your palm, slathering it with a bit of water and then applying it to your face, rather than applying it directly to your face. This ensures that the application is smoother and gentler on your skin. Never massage your face cleanser for more than 2 minutes - there’s no such thing as the more you massage it the better your skin will get, instead, it will break down your skin’s moisture barrier making it super dry and nobody wants that. After that, rinse your face using normal water not too cold or hot and pat dry. Always follow up with a moisturizer to retain skin’s moisture levels.