MyGlamm has created a beauty revolution in India, by bringing high quality, professional and branded salon and spa services to the consumer’s home, at an affordable price. With MyGlamm, a customer has the convenience of receiving a salon & spa service in the comfort of his home at prices cheaper than his neighborhood salon/spa. And MyGlamm is not limited to only home services for individual customers. With MyGlamm you will get bulk orders from Weddings, spa parties, events at Corporate Houses and more!

And now MyGlamm, for the first time in India, has launched the MyGlamm Franchise Program.


No Physical Facility Required

Low Investments

While setting up a traditional salon / spa might cost you Rs 50 lacs to Rs 60 lacs, at MyGlamm your set up cost is only Rs 15 lacs

Low Operating Costs

You have none of the high over heads that traditional salons / spas have – no rent, no electricity, no utilities, no housekeeping, etc.

Strong ROI's

As the set-up costs are low, and operational profitability is quick, you see a healthy payback period and a high return on investment

MyGlamm franchise.

MyGlamm will take care of hiring, beautician trainings, technology, bringing the latest services and brands, all the operation SOPs, as well as marketing and PR for the brand. We have created a corporate team of more than 100 people to take care of our Franchisees. In return, what we expect is high levels of passion and customer orientation from our Franchisees.

To ensure top notch beauty salon training and quality, MyGlamm has created some of India’s largest salon / spa training academies for the use of our Franchisees.

MyGlamm’s exclusive service portfolio includes:

  • L’OCCITANE Home Care Rituals
  • Forest Essentials
  • Morroccanoil
  • L’Oreal Paris

Now even the smallest cities of India can offer the same level of salon & spa services that are available internationally, and that too at an affordable price for the customer.

And this is the reason why leading beauty and lifestyle magazines like Vogue, ELLE, Grazia, FHM, Femina regularly feature MyGlamm.

At MyGlamm, we place maximum emphasis on service delivery to ensure the end customer experiences top quality services at the comfort of their home and we are looking for franchisees who will share that passion of quality with us.

Get ready for a Technology revolution in the
Beauty space!

MyGlamm simplifies the problem of getting professional salon and spa services at one’s convenience with a user friendly mobile application which is complimented by a state of the art in house call center. In an effort to enable utmost convenience to a customer, the MyGlamm app has been designed to help a customer book an appointment in 3 simple steps which include selection of date, time & services – and voila, the customer receives a professional salon / spa service in his home.

We also give the Franchisees, an App for all their stylists beauticians, so that the Franchisees can comfortably manage their staff and their appointments. We’re here to take pampering and indulgence to the next level with the help of the technology revolution that India is witnessing. Are you ready to be a part of this revolution?