Notice how different your makeup looks IRL and in photos? Yeah—the look doesn’t translate too well. Your face ends up looking pale, oily, and almost white-ish courtesy of the camera. And that’s why we’re showing you how to perfect your camera makeup.This is for the days you feel like doing a little photo-session at home for your Instagram—or for when you’re recording a reel or a video. Really—whatever you want it to be. Here’s how you do your makeup for camera. Read on. 


11 Steps To Camera Ready Makeup. Go!


Moisturising Is Non-Negotiable


Moisturise your face with a lightweight formula that seeps into your skin seamlessly, and locks in moisture for a silky-smooth base. A moisturiser ensures that your makeup lasts, and looks flattering and dewy behind a camera. You want your camera makeup on camera to look seamless, and a hydrated, healthy-looking base does that for you.


Use: MyGlamm Iridescent Brightening Moisturising Cream

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You Cannot Do The Honors Without A Primer


Remember that it’s the prep, the behind-the-scenes, that determines whether you look camera-ready or not. And that’s why—dot a primer all over your face to set the base for your camera makeup, and extend the longevity of your look. Look for a primer containing ultra-hydrating ingredients (like Hyaluronic Acid, Rosehip Oil, or Camellia Oil) for a candle-lit, goddess-worthy base that reflects on camera. 


Use: MYGLAMM Tinted Perfection Base Primer & Pore Minimiser

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Build The Base Like This



A mattifying, full-coverage foundation will make your skin look smooth and even, and that’s what you want for your camera makeup. Blend a few drops of foundation into your skin with a brush. 


Use: MyGlamm Treat Love Care Oil Control Foundation Restore 

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Any Shine Is Your Nemesis


Though a shiny, lit-from-within aesthetic is one most of us seek to emulate, it doesn’t translate well on camera. Your face might end up looking greasy or oily instead—defeating the purpose altogether. Yes—camera makeup is vastly different from normal makeup. That’s why investing in a setting-powder is unavoidable. These products excel at reducing any shininess that could be highlighted by a camera’s flash. Remember to invest in a matte-based powder instead of a dewy, heavy formula—the latter can cause flashback (a white-ish cast caused by light-reflecting makeup). Go over your forehead, the center of your nose, and the chin with some product.


Use: MyGlamm POSE HD Setting Powder—Ivory

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Illuminating The High Points Is Sacrosanct



Dust highlighter over the high-points of the face—concentrate on the temples, jawline, cheekbones, and inner-corners of the eyes. Use highlighter sparingly—shimmer and glitter don’t translate too well on camera when overdone. Avoid the nose as you want to keep the middle of the face shine-free and matte. This camera makeup looks better on camera.


Use: Myglamm Spotlight Illuminating Liquid - Stardust

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Throw In Some Blush For A Flush


After you’re done highlighting your face, use a natural-looking blush to go over the apples of your cheeks, and pump a little bit of tone and dimension into the camera makeup look.


Use: MyGlamm K.Play Flavoured Blush—Frozen Raspberry

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Brush Your Brows


Remember that well-groomed, filled-in brows add structure to your eyes, and make your face look younger. The key is to fill them in without overdoing it. Grab your eyebrow-pencil, and create hair-like strokes on the brows to play into the subtlety of the look while lending shape and definition to your eyebrows. 


Use: MyGlamm Lit Brow Definer Pencil - Shook

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Tightline The Eyes



Draw a line from the start of the eyes to the end—keeping it as close to the lids as possible. Make sure the line is thin. You can use a thin, fine brush to do this easily. The key to achieving this is by laying the brush flat—right above the eyelid. You can use eyeliner or thin-tipped kajal for this step.


Use: MyGlamm Wheelie Liquid Eyeliner 

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Make Your Lashes Flutter-Ready


Use a volume-and-curl-inducing mascara to enhance your eyes, and make them look brighter. Just a couple of coats, and you’re good to go. 


Use: MyGlamm Twist It Mascara

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Conclude With Nude Lipstick



You want to choose a shade of nude lipstick instead of going with the dramatic, brighter ones. Use a lip-brush to press the pigment onto your lips, and spread it all over evenly. You want your lips to look symmetrical and well-balanced in front of the camera. 


Use: MyGlamm Perfect Curves Matte Lip Crayon—Biscotti

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So—lights, camera, and, finally, action. You’re all ready to do your makeup for the camera.



  1. How do I do my makeup for the camera?

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure you’re employing warm-toned colours into the equation. Remember that the camera, flash, and lights make your skin look white, washed-out, and pale—and that’s why bringing back some colour is important. 

  2. Don’t go overboard with lipstick or eyeshadow–neutral-toned shades are preferred. 

  3. Always throw in a bit of setting-powder to reduce shine. 

  4. Keep the middle of your face—your T-zone—matte. Go over it with setting-powder.

  5. Before you click your photos or record a video, turn on the flash of your camera, and take a snap of yourself to see whether your face needs any readjustments. If there’s too much powder, sweep it off. If your forehead is too shiny, add more powder. 


  1. What type of makeup looks good on camera?

Anything that’s minimal and not overly-exaggerated looks good on camera. Use warmer colours over cooler ones, and you’re good to go. 

  1. Should you wear makeup on camera?

Yes—but not too much. Just enough to enhance your features. You want to look polished yet minimal. 


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