The curvy makeup blenders are a must have product for so many beauty gurus and makeup artists and we all can see why! The easy application and flawless finish seem almost too good to be true. However, if you don’t know how to use a makeup blender the right way to get that flawless finish, you may be left with a streaky, cakey mess. So we’re going to give you the inside scoop on how to get that impeccably luminous finish using the Makeup Blender.

Here are a few how to’s to get your base perfect when using this tool:

First things first
Before using your makeup blender, it’s essential to dampen it. Simply place your Makeup Blender under a running tap until it is wet, squeeze out the excess water and roll it between a towel to remove any excess water. Through this process, your makeup blender will almost double in size and become less dense making it easier to work with. It also absorbs less product cutting down on wastage.

Start off right

How to apply foundation

To apply face foundation you can either dot the foundation onto your face before blending or apply a pump of foundation onto your foundation blender. If it is a liquid foundation cream with a pump it will be easy to apply to the makeup blender. However, if it has a doe foot applicator or is a stick foundation it would be easier to apply directly on your face and then blend it in.

When applying foundation, use the bottom of the blender (the larger round base) to dab the product into your skin. Avoid dragging the makeup blender on your face as it will create streaks and move the product around instead of blending it in.

How to apply concealer

For under eye concealer, the tip or the narrow end of the makeup blender is ideal. Take the liquid product on the blender and apply on the targeted area, again, dabbing the product in for a flawless finish. The tip will give a precise application and avoid getting the product into the corners and edges of your eye. 

There are now smaller versions available which are perfect for concealers as they can easily get into smaller areas to smooth and blend it out. Without moving the product around too much.

How to apply concealer

How to contour and highlight

For a cream based product, apply it directly to your face where you want the product to be. Then using the side of the Makeup Blender, hold it between your fingers to give it a thin and long appearance and begin blending the contour out. Make sure to blend in an upward motion on your cheeks as blending in a downward direction will make your face look droopy and dull.

Once you are happy with your contour use the butt of your blender to blend out any harsh lines with the excess foundation left on it.

To highlight, dot your cream highlighter to the high points of your face and blend it out the same way. Since highlighting does target narrower areas of your face you can use the smaller beauty blenders for a more precise application.

How to contour and highlight

How to set your base

I know what you’re thinking and yes, this holy grail product does work with powders too! To set your face using a makeup blender we recommend using a loose fixing powder as the blender will be able to pick up the optimal amount of pigment as compared to pressed powder.

Before diving into the powder, make sure to smooth out any creasing that may have occurred under the eyes. Then using the narrow end of the blender, the cleaner side, pick up some product and then dab it onto your under eye area. This will leave a relatively thick layer of powder on your face, you can leave it to “bake” for a couple of minutes or use less product to simply set the under eyes by completely pushing the product in. If you leave it to bake, brush off the excess for a bright lifted look.

How to set your base right

You can do the same to set any other areas of your face with your Makeup Blender.