Makeup Look by Fashion Enthusiast Vaishnavi
Vaishnavi is a fashion influencer from Bangalore. Her love for food and fashion is what keeps her going. She blogs about her best encounters with food and fashion on grubmode.com Inspiration: Girl Next Door Simple, clean skin, dewy in appearance is what defines Vaishnavi’s day look. Defined brows and lashes with an irresistible coral mouth completes the look for her. This can easily be worn for a relaxed brunch outing as the makeup here is minimal yet mesmerizing!

Recreate the soft eye look in only 5 steps:

Step 1:
Use All Eye Need Mocha Loca for creating a soft look. Pick Java, a soft cinnamon brown eyeshadow and apply it all over the crease area. Blend it back & forth for even blending

Step 2:
Take the highlighter from the same palette and apply it on the outer corner of the eyes to give more definition to your eyes.

Step 3:
Take the liquid eyeliner from our Stay Defined product and apply it very closely to your upper lashline

Step 4:
Next, use Jet Set Eyes on your waterline

Step 5:
Use the cinnamon brown eyeshadow once again and blend it on your lower lashline for a smudge-free look

Finish your bruch look with a swipe of Color Fusion. View tutorial here.