Spring Makeup Look By Rasna Bhasin
Rasna Bhasin- H&MxErdem
Rasna Bhasin- H&MxErdem
Rasna Bhasin is the D igital Editor for Harper’s Bazaar Bride, India. She is a Fashion Media Communication graduate and defines herself as a wanderer with an unhinged mind and perpetual hyperactivity. Rasna blogs about fashion, art and lifestyle on her blog rasnabhasin.com Inspiration: Call It Spring!! Flawless skin complemented with floral eyes with a dash of metal balanced with beet-bitten lips that blend seamlessly with the Erdem ideology. A signature smokey eye that flaunts colors of Spring. Day or evening, a look that caters to your mood.
Recreate that stunning eye look in only 4 steps using the All Eye Need eye shadow palette.

Step 1:
Prime - Prime your eye lids with a concealer brush or use your finger tips. Use the primer from the All Eye Need eyeshadow palette. Primer helps in nourishing your lids, ensures that your makeup stays on for long and makes your eye shadow color stand out.

Step 2:
Apply - Apply All Eye Need in Velvette with an applicator brush all over your eye lid. Intensify the color if required.

Step 3:
Blend - Blend the corners with the blending brush and ensure no harsh lines are visible. Create a wing from the outer corner of your eyes considering the shape of your eyes and ensure that you join it with your lower lash line.
Apply Blues from the All That Jazz eyeshadow palette in the middle of your lids just to intensify the color and blend well. Apply the same shade on the lower lash line as well.

Step 4:
Highlight - Highlight the inner corners of your eye using Ultramarine from the Dare To Wear eyeshadow palette with an applicator brush. The contrast between the two colors will immediately make your eyes pop.

- Fill your lower lash line with Jet Set Eyes kajal.

- Shape and fill your brows using the Stay Defined HD brow powder; complete the look with highlighting your brow bone using highlighter from the All Eye Need palette.

Check out our YouTube video to learn how to do a mesmerising colourful eye makeup look.