Pink Panache

Stand out from the crowd by adorning two biggest trends from the runway. Pink eyeliner stands out prettily over gold foil eyeshadow. Inspiration: Glitz and glam Sparkling gold lids with smudged sassy pink eyeliner. Earthy rusty hue on lips amps up the look.

Recreate this look in 5 easy steps:

Step 1:
After cleansing, toning and moisturising, prep the face with Tinted Perfection Base Primer. Create a light base using foundation from the Total Makeover FF Cream palette. Use the Twin faced concealer to hide the dark circles and blemishes, if any. Blend everything seamless with a damp beauty blender. Set it with Glow to Glamour matte fixing powder.

Step 2:
Contour the face using bronzer from the Chisel It Game Face palette. Brush bronzer along the jawline and diagonally across the hollows of the cheeks. Add a flush of colour on the cheeks using the coral blush. Next, apply highlighter on high points of the face.

Step 3:
Tight line the eyes with Jet Set Eyes black kajal. Apply matte brown eyeshadow from the Manish Malhotra 9 in 1 Eyeshadow palette in Rendezvous on the eye crease and blend onto the lids. Run along the lower lash line. Pick some gold foil shadow form the same palette on an eyeshadow brush and dab it over the lids gently.  Draw eyeline using a bright pink LIT Matte Lip liner pencil in Sass & smudge the end with an angled brush.

Step 4:
Fill in the brows with Stay Defined HD brow powder and coat the lashes with Threesome Mascara. Apply highlighter on the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes. 

Step 5:
Trace and fill the lips with LIT Matte Lip liner pencil in Blended. Swipe on an earthy matte lipstick like the LIT Satin Matte lipstick in Modern Family.