Lisa Haydon's Colourful Eye Makeup look

Mermaid princess

Lisa wears a mélange of bright colours on the eyes serving up some major mermaid vibes. Inspiration: Deep and myriad colours of the ocean A mix of pink, purple and blue on the eyes defined by a sharp, winged eyeliner for that edgy yet feminine look.



Create this fab look in 6 easy steps:

Step 1:
Start by moisturising the face using the perfect mix of Spotlight Multitasking Strobing Liquid which is a liquid hghlighter and any moisturiser. Correct and even out the skin and create a light base using the Total Makeover FF Cream palette.

Step 2:
Use bronzer from the Chisel It Game Face palette to add definition to the face. Apply blush on the cheeks and the tip of the nose followed by powder highlighter on the higher planes of the face.

Step 3:
There is no ocean without blue, and All Eye Need Eyeshadow palettes have various shades of blue eyeshadow to achieve those mermaid eyes. Use eyeshadow from the All Eye Need Picture Perfect palette on the eyelids followed by purple eyeshadow from All Eye Need Velvette and pink eyeshadow from All Eye Need Razzmatazz palette. Blend the colours together gently, using the eyeshadow brush.

Step 4:
Define the shape of the eyes with a black liquid liner, like the Wheelie Precision Eyeliner & Stylist. Apply Jet Set Eyes Kajal-Eyeliner along the lower lash line.

Step 5:
Apply a dash of shimmery pink eyeshadow, like the Power Magic Eyeshadow Stick in Amethyst on the inner corners of the eyes for a more awaken look. Fill in the brows using the Stay Defined HD Brow Powder. Finish the eye makeup with a few coats of Threesome Mascara.

Step 6:
For a flush of colour on the lips, use a nude peach lipstick like the Perfect Curves in Biscotti. And you are ready to rule over the ocean!