Halo Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Halo smoky eye

If you are bored or need a break from your beloved smoky eye, without risking too much, halo smoky eye can be just the thing for you. This look, is an update on the regular smoky eye. With tis subtle hints of shimmer, it can totally spice up a date night or is even perfect to be worn at a friend’s wedding. Inspiration: Updated smoky eye The halo smoky eye plays up the eyes with black kohl and shimmery champagne eyeshadow. The kajal traces the entire eyelid giving a winged-effect and blends beautifully to give a smudged-out look.

Get this look in four easy steps:

Step 1:
Tight line your eyes using Jet Set Eyes kajal. Trace the crease of the eyelids with pointed tip of the kajal, forming into a wide wing across both eyelids. Smudge gently with a blending brush.

Step 2:
Run kajal along the upper lash line lightly and blend away harsh line. Use brow powder on the traced kajal outline and blend away to soften it.

Step 3:
Apply champagne coloured eyeshadow Powder Magic Goldmine on both the eyelids and blend across evenly, taking care not to go beyond the traced line or the wings.

Step 4:
Fill in the brows with Stay Defined HD brow powder and highlight the brow bones and inner corners of the eyes with a dash of highlighter.

Watch our YouTube video for a complete breakdown of steps and products used to create this look.