gunmetal eyes

Gorgeous Gunmetal Eyes

Metallic eyeshadows are show stealers. Rich, sparkly colours that enhance the eyes and are great for smoky look. Strong pigmentation gives them extra lasting power and when blended with other shades, these turn out to be something unique and fascinating. Inspiration: Metallic lust Eye splayed up beautifully with dark eyeshadow galvanized by a touch of shimmer. Bright colour on the cheeks and lips provide a vivacious contrast and lend a lively touch to the look.



Recreate this fab look in 5 easy steps:

Step 1:
Prime the eyelids with eye primer.  Apply eyeshadow on the lids from All Eye Need Picture Perfect palette using a brush. Spread it evenly across the lids and blend within the eye crease.

Step 2:
Tight line the eyes with Jet Set Eyes kajal. Next, apply Picture Perfect eyeshadow along the lower lash line and smudge gently. Add a dash on highlighter on the brow bones and the inner corners of the eyes.

Step 3:
Draw a clean eyeliner across upper lash line with Stay Defined Liquid Eyeliner. Fill in the brows with Stay defined HD brow powder and apply a few coats of mascara on the lashes.

Step 4:
Apply blush from the Chisel It Show Stopper palette on the hollows of your cheek.

Step 5
Moisturise the lips and swipe on Perfect Curves lipstick in Biscotti.

Watch our YouTube video for a complete breakdown of steps and products used to create this look.