Kim Kardashian's Golden Glamour Makeup Look
Kim K has been our golden girl since a long time. Contouring and highlighting have been her weapon of choice to create those killer sculpted cheeks and unrivalled sheen. All this topped with glossy lips, full brows and dramatic lashes that would put Bollywood to shame. If you want to arrive on a Friday night, Kim K’s your girl. Go ahead, embrace that grace and glamour for your next party.   Inspiration: Golden girl Flawless makeup enhanced further with hints of golden sheen. Contoured cheeks with subtle gold highlighting and lips glistened with golden sparkle. The metallic gold on the eyelids is further dramatised with black kohl on the lower lash line. The makeup has lots of gold without being overpowering or looking garish.



Recreate this golden glam look in 5 easy steps

Step 1:
Cleanse and moisturise the face. Apply under eye cream and lip balm. Hide the dark circles using colour corrector from the Total Makeover FF Cream palette. Next, apply primer cum foundation cum concealer to prepare a flawless base.

Step 2:
Apply blush on the cheeks from the Chisel It Game Face  palette. Next, brush bronzer from the same palette on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, forehead and chin for a golden glow.

Step 3:
Use bronzer from Chisel It Game Face palette on the eye crease to contour the eyelids. Next, apply eyeshadow from All Eye Need Mocha Loca palette and diffuse outwards using the eyeshadow brush.

Step 4:
Brush highlighter from All Eye Need Mocha Loca palette below the brow bones and inner corners of the eyes. Fill in the brows using the Stay Defined HD brow powder and blend well with the brush for a natural look.

Step 5:
Swipe on some Colour Fusion Mystique plumping lip gloss for a sexy pout.

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